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21 December: On This Day In History | What Special Day Is Today?


21 December: In a year, the 21st of December is the 355th day as per the Georgian Calendar. In a leap year, it is the 356th day of the year.

What special day is today?

On this day, Gangnam Style, the humorous pop song was released; the discovery of Radium, a radioactive metal that occurs in nature; and the Launch of Apollo 8.

Famous birthdays include Florence Griffith Joyner, Jane Fonda, and Chris Evert.

December 21 also marks Armed Forces Day in the Philippines.

Let’s explore what happened today.

21 December: On This Day In History | What Special Day Is Today?

What Happened Today? On This Day in History: 21 December

Art & Artists

  • 2012 – Gangnam Style, the humorous pop song was released. It was sung by PSY, a popular singer from South Korea. It has the distinction of being YouTube’s first video that earned one billion views.
  • 2016 “Dangal”, a sports drama movie from India earned a whopping $300 million globally. The Aamir Khan starrer, Nitesh Tiwari directed movie was a super hit in India and abroad.

Science & Technology

  • 1898The discovery of Radium, a radioactive metal that occurs in nature, by Marie and Pierre Curie. Later, the metal started to be used in cancer treatment.
  • 1970  F-14, multi-role combat aircraft took its maiden flight on this day.

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Leaders & Politics

  • 1845 The beginning of the Battle of Firoz Shah involving British and Sikh forces at some point in the First Sikh War.
  • 1973 Opening of the Geneva Conference to discuss the conflict Arab–Israeli open.

People & Society

  • 1988 Antonov An-225 Mriya took its maiden flight on this day. It is the world’s biggest aircraft.
  • 1995Bethlehem city was overtaken by Palestinians from Israeli control.

Disasters: Natural & Man-made

  • 1910 An underground explosion in Over Hulton, Westhoughton, England took the lives of 344 miners. It happened at the No. 3 Pit of the Hulton Bank Colliery. 
  • 1946 A very high magnitude (8.1) earthquake caused a massive tsunami in the Japanese southern region of Nankaido in which over 1,300 people killed.

Discoveries & Explorations

  • 1968Launch of Apollo 8, from Cape Kennedy (Cape Canaveral). The crewed spacecraft undertook 10 orbits of the Moon. It was the spacecraft that became the first to reach our planet, Moon. After its ‘performances’ it safely came back to Earth.

Leisure & Sports

  • 1913 The publication of a crossword puzzle in New York World. It wasthe first contemporary puzzle game.
  • 1936 Don Bradman, the cricket legend scored “zero” in two successive innings in Test Cricket.

Birth Anniversaries (21 December)

  • 1773 Robert Brown (Botanist, Scotland)
  • 1937 Jane Fonda (Actress, America)
  • 1940 Frank Zappa (Musician, America)
  • 1954 Chris Evert (Tennis Player, America)
  • 1959 Florence Griffith Joyner (Athlete, America)

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Death Anniversaries (21 December)

  • 1375 Giovanni Boccaccio (Poet from Italy)
  • 1940 F. Scott Fitzgerald (Writer, America)
  • 1958 Lion Feuchtwanger (Writer, Germany)
  • 1963 Sir John Berry Hobbs (Cricketer, Britain)
  • 1988 Nikolaas Tinbergen (Zoologist, The Netherlands)

What Special Day is Today: (21 December)

  • Armed Forces Day (Philippines)
  • Sao Tome Day (Sao Tome and Príncipe)
  • Forefathers’ Day (Plymouth, Massachusetts)


The story of the day (21 December) is just like a collage of tame & trackless, tit-for-tats, tit-bits of events and eventualities.

Several true-life events about science, politics, history, explorations, inventions, economy, etc. are covered on this day in history.

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