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24 March: On This Day In History | What Special Day Is Today?


24 March: What happened on this day in history? We bring to you a potpourri of very interesting events.

Today we look at life changing inventions and major turning points in governments. Let’s unwrap to see what special day is today.

24 March: On This Day In History | What Special Day Is Today?

What Happened Today? On This Day in History: 24 March


    • 1882 – German scientist Robert Koch discovered and described the tubercle bacillus which causes tuberculosis (Mycobacterium tuberculosis), and established germ theory.

War & People

    • 1550 – France & England signed the Peace of Boulogne.
    • 1603 – Scottish King James VI, son of Mary Queen of Scots, became King James I of England in succession to Elizabeth I, thus joining the English and Scottish crowns.
    • 1664Roger Williams was granted a charter to colonize Rhode Island.
    • 1801Aleksandr Pavlovich Romanov became Tsar Alexander I of Russia.
    • 1837Canada gave its black citizens the right to vote.
    • 1924Greece became a republic.
    • 1937National Gallery of Art was established by Congress.
    • 1947John D. Rockefeller Jr donated NYC East River site to the UN.
    • 1976 – Argentine President Isabel Martínez de Perón was deposed in a military coup headed by Jorge Rafael Videla.


    • 1824 – 1st performance of Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Missa Solemnis” took place in St. Petersburg.
    • 1939 – “Wuthering Heights” film based on the Emily Brontë novel, directed by William Wyler and starring Merle Oberon and Laurence Olivier, premiered in Los Angeles.

Birth Anniversaries (24 March)

    • 1855Andrew Mellon, American financier and politician.
    • 1901Ub Iwerks, American animator and special-effects technician who brought the world-renowned cartoon character Mickey Mouse to life.
    • 1903Malcolm Muggeridge, British journalist and social critic.
    • 1919Lawrence Ferlinghetti, American poet and social activist.

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Death Anniversaries (24 March)

    • 1603Elizabeth I, Queen of England.
    • 1776John Harrison, English horologist who invented the first practical marine chronometer.
    • 1882Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, American poet.
    • 1905Jules Verne, prolific French author whose writings laid much of the foundation of modern science fiction.

What Special Day is Today: 24 March

    • International Day for Achievers
    • International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims
    • World Tuberculosis Day


Did you find it exciting to see what happened in history? We hope you have found out what special day is today. May this day be as special and great for all of you.

If you have any interesting facts to share or anything to add to the above list, please share it in the comments. We would love to hear from you.



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