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On This Day26 March: On This Day In History | What Special Day Is...

26 March: On This Day In History | What Special Day Is Today?

“26 March: What Happened On This Day In History?”


26 March: What happened on this day in history?

We celebrate art and science and remember some of the prominent and most loved authors. In case you are celebrating your birthday today, you will be surprised to know with whom you are sharing your birthday with.

So, let’s unwrap to see what special day is today.

26 March: On This Day In History | What Special Day Is Today?

What Happened Today? On This Day in History: 26 March

People & Politics

    • 1799 – Napoleon captured Jaffa, Palestine.
    • 1937 – Spinach growers of Crystal City, Texas, erected a statue of Popeye.
    • 1945 – Allies led by US Marine Corps secured island of Iwo Jima from Imperial Japanese Army, after 18,000 Japanese & 6,000 Americans killed.
    • 1971Bangladesh (East Pakistan) under Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared its independence from Pakistan.
    • 1979 – Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat signed the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty in Washington, D.C.
    • 1985 – Pope John Paul II proclaimed first ever World Youth Day.

Natural Disaster

    • 1812 – Earthquake measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale destroyed 90% of Caracas, Venezuela and killed an estimated 15,000–20,000 people.


    • 1940 – ‘The Fifth Column’, a play by Ernest Hemingway and adapted by Benjamin Glazer premiered in NYC courtesy of the Theater Guild.
    • 1986 – Geffen Records signed Guns N’ Roses.
    • 1990 – Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa won the Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement.
    • 2019 – Stolen Pablo Picasso painting “Buste de Femme” (Dora Maar) (1938) recovered after 20 years by Dutch art detective.

Space & Technology

    • 1958 – US Army launched America’s third successful satellite, “Explorer III”.
    • 1969 – Soviet weather satellite Meteor-1-1 launched.
    • 1976 – Queen Elizabeth II sent out the first royal email, from the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment.
    • 1999 – The “Melissa worm” infected Microsoft word processing and e-mail systems around the world.

Birth Anniversaries (26 March)

    • 1874Robert Frost, American poet.
    • 1904Joseph Campbell, American author.
    • 1911Tennessee Williams, American playwright.
    • 1925Pierre Boulez, French composer and conductor.
    • 1931Leonard Nimoy, American actor.

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Death Anniversaries (26 March)

    • 1797James Hutton, Scottish geologist.
    • 1827Ludwig van Beethoven, German composer.
    • 1892Walt Whitman, American poet.
    • 2003Daniel Patrick Moynihan, United States Senator and sociologist.

What Special Day is Today: 26 March

    • Earth Hour – March 26, 2022 at 8:30pm (Worldwide event – turn off your power for 60+ minutes to help save the planet!)
    • Endometriosis March Day – March 26, 2022 (Fourth Saturday in March)
    • Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day
    • Purple Day – (Supporting Epilepsy Around the World)


We hope you have found out what special day is today. On this day in history there have been stories of hope and innovation. May this day be as special and great for all of you.

If you have any interesting facts to share or anything to add to the above list, please share it in the comments. We would love to hear from you.



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