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28 Years Old Ummul Kher – Journey from Slums to Cracking UPSC Exams with Disability is Truly Inspiring

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When we get injured and the pain of it becomes unbearable for us, imagine how coping with a disability all her life would be so difficult for a girl who was disowned by her own parents at young age. Yes, it happened with 28 years old girl, Ummul Kher. Living with disability is never easy but when you decide something and get focused towards your goal, nothing can stop you, not even your disabilities. Ummul has proved this right.

28 Years Old Ummul Kher – Journey from Slums to Cracking UPSC Exams with Disability is Truly Inspiring
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Struggling Childhood

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Children like us who have enjoyed their childhood playing and roaming round, Ummul used to fight with her sufferings of Bone Disorder. She had to undergo 8 Surgeries and go through 16 Fractures due to her Bone problems. While she was on 5th Std, her parents, the street vendors moved from Rajasthan to Delhi. They sold clothes close to Hazrat Nizammudin and lived in a nearby Slum area.

Taking a Bold Step to Study More

Ummul used to study at Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Institute which was special school for physically disabled students till 5th std. She then moved to Amar Jyoti Charitable trust to finish her education till 8th std. When she raised her opinion to study beyond 8th class, her parents were against it and warned her to disown her. Ummul Kher got Scholarship at Arwachin Bharti bhawan, which was a better place to study, but abusive and painful phase by her parents break her down till now.

28 Years Old Ummul Kher – Journey from Slums to Cracking UPSC Exams with Disability is Truly Inspiring
Image Source: Facebook

Ummul Kher’s Decision to Step Out

After repetitive abuses and wrong intentions sensed up by Ummul, she left her home and started residing at Jhuggi Jhopri in Trilokpuri for which the rent was paid by her by taking up tuitions. She took several batches right from morning to evening so that she could earn more to survive. Ummul Kher lived alone and even though it was not safe for a girl to live alone, she cope up with all difficulties in her life.

Her Dedication towards Studies

Ummul then completed her high school backed by Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust and passed out with 91% in 12th Board. She took admission in Gargi College whose fees was handled by Ummul Kher via tuitions and  prize money won at various debate competitions in DU. There was one whole year where she was bounded by wheel chair due to accident in 2012.

Inspiration from Motivational Quotes and leaders

Ummul Kher used to read a lot about freedom fighters and despite of her disease she kept herself motivated with poems and quotes by great leaders. Throughout her schooling, she took tuitions and found great support from her teachers as well. She finally took admission at JNU at merit earning Rs 2000 and cleared the Junior Research fellowship in the year 2013 earning her Rs 25,000 each month.

Ummul Kher quotes Dream big so that your dream can overrule all disability.”

After passing with flying colours in 12th and taking admission in JNU at 100% scholarship post graduation, Ummul Kher started preparing for the UPSC exams from January 2016. She used to study 15 hours a day and states that her teachers and co-students were very supportive of her.

28 Years Old Ummul Kher – Journey from Slums to Cracking UPSC Exams with Disability is Truly Inspiring
Image Source: Facebook

Cordial Relations with Family

Despite disowning her at young age, Ummul does not blame her family for leaving her. She says that it is the environment they were raised confiding their mentality. From past couple of years, her relation with family is good and she frequently meets them. Her family is now back to Rajasthan where her brother owns a bangles shop.


Ummul is a live example of sheer dedication and commitment towards her goals. No matter in what situation and phase of life you are, if you believe you can achieve it, you can. To all those who dream Big, Ummul Kher advises to have dreams to be powerful enough which are not restricted by any disability.



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