29 November: On This Day In History | What Special Day Is Today?

“29 November: What Happened On This Day In History?”


29 November: In a year, the 29th of November is the 333rd day as per the Gregorian Calendar. In a leap year, it is the 334th day of the year.

What special day is today? This day has its distinctiveness and importance in history.

Let’s explore people who have carved a niche for themselves on 29th November. We may also need to scan through the events that happened today.

29 November: On This Day In History | What Special Day Is Today?

What Happened Today? On This Day in History: 29 November

Art & Artists

  • 1981Under a mystifying situation, Natalie Wood, an American film actress drowned while vacationing on a yacht near Santa Catalina Island, California.
  • 1997 some 28,000 couples gathered at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C., for a “mass wedding” at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. The event was organized by the leader of the Unification Church Sun Myung Moon.

Science & Technology

  • 1877 – The phonograph was demonstrated for the first time by the American inventor Thomas Alva Edison.
  • 1972  Pong, the video game was released by Atari. It was the first video game that got commercial success.

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Leaders & Politics

  • 1947 United Nations passed a resolution for the division of Palestine into an Arab state and a Jewish state). But the resolution was not implemented.

People & Society

  • 1781 The crew of Zong, the British slave ship dumped 54 Africans into the sea. The reason behind the killing was to claim insurance in a manipulative way.
  • 2008 – Death of Jørn Utzon, the world-famous architect from Denmark who designed the much celebrated “Sydney Opera House”.

Disasters: Natural & Man-made

  • 526 A most-likely date for the Antioch earthquake which occurred in the Byzantine Empire (present-day Syria) that killed 200,000 people.
  • 1732 A high magnitude (6.6) earthquake occurred in Irpinia, southern Italy, and killed 1940 people.

Discoveries & Explorations

  • 1929Richard E. Byrd, the famous American aviator flew over the South Pole.
  • 1961A chimpanzee named Enos was sent to space. Unfortunately, the spacecraft smashed down near the Puerto Rico coast after orbiting the Earth twice.

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Leisure & Sports

  • 1970 Colin Cowdrey, the English cricket batsman passed the then-set world record for the highest run scored (7,249 runs) when he reached 22 in the first Test against Australia. He surpassed the record set by his compatriot Wally Hammond.
  • 1909 Anthony Wilding & Norman Brookes (Australasian Team) beat Melville Long & Maurice McLoughlin (American Team) to win the International Lawn Tennis Challenge, Sydney, Australia.

Birth Anniversaries (29 November)

  • 1489 Margaret Tudor (Queen Of Scotland)
  • 1932 Jacques Chirac (President of France)
  • 1959 Rahm Emanuel (American politician)
  • 1994 Shaun Lane (Australian rugby player)

Death Anniversaries (29 November)

  • 1924 Giacomo Puccini (Italian Composer)
  • 1986 Cary Grant (British-Born American Actor)
  • 1993 J.R.D. Tata (Indian pilot and businessman, founder of Tata Company)
  • 2001 George Harrison (British Musician)
  • 2016 Marcos Danilo Padilha (Brazilian football player)

What Special Day is Today: (29 November)

  • Unity Day (Vanuatu)
  • Liberation Day (Albania)
  • Republic Day (Yugoslavia)
  • William Tubman’s Birthday (Liberia)


The factual story of the day (29 November) covers the entire globe and a lot of well-known personalities.

The day has remained a silent observer of what happened on this day in history.

Providing our readers with authentic facts and figures, for each day, is what boosts us here. We would love to hear from you.

We request you drop your feedback on the article. If you have any rare information like the above, then do share it with us.



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