3 November: On This Day In History | What Special Day Is Today?

“3 November: What Happened On This Day In History?”


3 November: In a year, the 3rd of November is the 307th day as per the Gregorian Calendar. In a leap year, it is the 308th day of the year. This day has its distinctiveness and importance in history.

Let’s explore people who have carved a niche for themselves on 3rd November. We may also need to scan through the events that happened on this day.

3 November: On This Day In History | What Special Day Is Today?

What Happened Today? On This Day in History: 3 November

Art & Artists

    • 1860The lecture series “On Translating Home” began at Oxford University by Matthew Arnold (poet and critic).
    • 1927Rodgers & Hart’s great musical creation “Connecticut Yankee”(based on an 1889 satirical novel by Mark Twain) opens at a theatre in New York.
    • 1939 The maiden television show of the classic film “The Wizard of Oz”.
    • 1943 8th Symphony by Dmitri Shostakovich premiered in Moscow.

3 November: 1939 – The maiden television show of the classic film “The Wizard of Oz”

Science & Technology

    • 1906Distress signal SOS was selected by the International Radiotelegraph Conference held in Berlin.
    • 1931Manufacture of synthetic rubber, produced commercially for the first time.

Leaders & Politics

    • 1812The army of Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated by the Russian Empire at Vyazma.
    • 1936Franklin D. Roosevelt won the US presidential election for a second time.
    • 1946A new Japanese constitution was proclaimed by the Emperor Hirohito.
    • 1984Cremation of Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India (Assassinated on 31st October 1984).

People & Society

    • 1793Olympe de Gouges (French playwright, journalist, and feminist) was guillotined.
    • 1838The Times of India”, the famous newspaper was founded in Mumbai, India.
    • 1896Patent of portable weighing scales by J. H. Hunter.

Disasters: Natural & Man-made

    • 1927A powerful flood caused a tropical cyclone that killed 84 in Vermont, USA.
    • 1927Greycliffe (the harbor ferry) collided with Tahiti (the Union Steamship Company. steamer) in the Greycliffe disaster which happened in Sydney Harbour (Australia).

Discoveries & Explorations

    • 1493The island of Dominica was ‘discovered’ by Christopher Columbus.
    • 1957Sputnik 2 (carrying dog Laika) was launched by the Soviet Union.
    • 1987Gordon Gould got a US patent for theinvention of a laser.

Leisure & Sports

    • 1899James J. Jeffries (USA) thrashed Tom Sharkey (Ireland) at Brooklyn, NYC to retain his World heavyweight boxing champion title.
    • 1937 Maurice Archambaud set a world record by cycling a distance of 45.8 km in Milan, Italy.

Birth Anniversaries (3 November)

    • 1500 Benvenuto Cellini (Italian sculpture and painter)
    • 1618 Aurangzeb (Mughal Empire, India)
    • 1921 Charles Bronson (Actor and soldier from America)
    • 1933 Amartya Sen (Nobel laureate, Economist, and academic from India)
    • 1949 Anna Wintour (English-American journalist)

Death Anniversaries (3 November)

    • 361 Constantius II (Roman Emperor)
    • 1926  Annie Oakley (American target shooter and entertainer)
    • 1960 Paul Willis (American Actor-Director)
    • 1983 Jerry Pentland (Australian ace fighter)
    • 2018 Sondra Locke (American Actress-Director)

What Special Day is Today: (3 November)

    • World Jellyfish Day
    • World Sandwich Day
    • One Health Day
    • Culture Day (Japan)
    • Flag Day (UAE)
    • Victory Day (Maldives)
    • Independence Day (Dominica and Micronesia)


Each day is different…so the 3rd of November. The factual story of the day covers the entire globe and a lot of well-known personalities. The day has remained a silent observer of what happened on this day.

Providing our readers with authentic facts and figures, for each day, is what boosts us here.

We would love to hear from you. We request you drop your feedback on the article. If you have any rare information like the above, then do share it with us.



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