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4 Things Successful People Sacrifice for Achievement

“Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.”


4 Things Successful People Sacrifice for Achievement
“Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.” ― Napoleon Hill


You will come across many people who do a lot of sacrifice for achievement. We often complain that our parents don’t spend time with us, and they are busy making money.

Once you grow up and become parents, you would know that parents worked hard for YOUR comfort.

If you have food on your table, and a shelter to keep you safe, you should be thankful that your parents worked for it. It weakens my heart to see kids who treat their parents poorly.

Think about it – if parents became selfish, would you be able to achieve your goals in life?

Selfishness is, ‘I, MY, and MYSELF.’ While it is good to think about your needs and objectives, but you would need to sacrifice something to become successful.

Napoleon Hill says that great achievement is a by-product of great sacrifice. If you are selfish, you do not reach new heights.

Now, here’s a post that talks more about the 4 things successful people sacrifice for achievement.

1. Time is Money, My Friend

Every human being gets 24 hours in a day, but not everyone utilizes their time productively. When success is your aim, you try to devote as much time to your goals.

To become successful, you have to sacrifice your free time. Complete your goals, utilize the free time, and become successful. Hardworking people who sacrifice time will certainly reach their goals.

Don’t think negatively. If you have 20 minutes time to complete a task, don’t think negatively.

The wrong thing to say – I just have 20 minutes in a day.

The right thing to say – I have 20 minutes to finish this task.

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2. Private Life Takes a Backseat

Some people are excellent at juggling multiple things, but they might not tell you the real story.

Have you looked at a swan? They look elegant on the surface of water, but inside, they are constantly paddling and struggling to ‘stay on water.’

Life is a struggle! Nothing is as easy as it seems. Successful people have to give up their personal lives to reach where they are.

You cannot be emotional or weak! As a family member, you should be the one motivating the individual and understanding their situation.

When kids say, ‘our father is not spending time with us’, the right way to think is – ‘he is doing so much for us!’

3. Desires are No Longer a PRIORITY

When you set goals, you cannot think about your desires and wishes. Let’s say you want a fancy car, but your home loan is taking away most of the money. What do you do? You will wait for the right time.

The car can wait! Perhaps a better model will come out in the 2-3 years. Successful people give up their desires and think about a long-term plan. They do not get tempted by their desires and wishes.

You must sacrifice for achievement – that’s the mantra of life.

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4. Losing Sanity – The Biggest Sacrifice for Achievement

What if you didn’t have to work hard? If everything was pre-decorated on a plate, you would never get stressed. But, successful people work hard and lose their sanity.

They are stressed because of deadlines, and the never-ending projects keep pouring in.

There are two ways to deal with this situation. You can either SAY NO to deadlines and project or you can work hard and not let stress be a hindrance.

Inspiring Stories of Successful People

There are inspiring stories all around you. Bagicha Singh left his home in the year 1992 and never returned.

As of now, Bagicha Singh is 85 years old. He should be spending his old-age with grandchildren and taking care of his health. But, the man walked for 23 years.

He has walked all over India at least 21 times. His goal was to spread awareness about alcohol and drug addiction.

Did you watch the movie, ‘Super 30?’ If the answer is a YES, you would know Anand Kumar.

He is a great mathematician. Since his father died at a young age, he gave up his dream of going to Cambridge. He spent his afternoons studying Mathematics, and would sell papads in the evening.

In the year 2003, Anand Kumar started his very own Super 30 program. He trains young people to crack competitive exam.

And, Anand Kumar does not even charge any fee for the downtrodden.

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Give Up Selfishness and Greed to Become Successful

The biggest thing you need to give up is IMPATIENCE. It is a negative trait, especially when you are trying to achieve greater things in life.

You will succeed, but you have to be patient. There are times when you will give up sleep, but it is all worth it. Napoleon Hill said that selfishness does not help you reach the spot you desire.

What if the rikshaw puller hadn’t sacrificed his meal for the day? Parents skip meals to ensure that their kids are well-fed.

We see stories of rikshaw pullers who give up sleep to work all day and night to give school and college fees of their kids.

You have to sacrifice your sleep, immediate desires, and time to be able to succeed. Sacrifice for achievement is a must!



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  1. Parents are everything. The other day I saw someone in my neighbourhood shouting at her mother for no reason. It made me feel really bad. Small things say a lot about a person. We have to give up ego and pride too to become successful. I really liked the way the writer has expressed their view.

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