5 December: On This Day In History | What Special Day Is Today?

“5 December: What Happened On This Day In History?”


5 December: In a year, the 5th of December is the 339th day as per the Gregorian Calendar. In a leap year, it is the 340th day of the year.

What special day is today?

On this day, the Royal Institution was established in Great Britain, 1848 gold rush in California, and the killing of 70,000 people in an earthquake in Central Italy.

Famous birthdays include Walt Disney, Christina Rossetti, and Bhumibol Adulyadej.

December 5 also marks World Soil Day.

Let’s explore what happened today.

5 December: On This Day In History | What Special Day Is Today?

What Happened Today? On This Day in History: 5 December

Art & Artists

  • 1791 The death of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the Austrian composer in Vienna.
  • 1890 Fritz Lang, the Austrian film director-producer born in Vienna. His films deal with luck and man’s predestined accomplishment of his fate.

Science & Technology

  • 1799 Establishment of Great Britain’s Royal Institution which is committed to scientific research and education.
  • 1820 The launch of the ship HMS Beagle which was (later) used by Charles Darwin for his illustrious scientific voyage.

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Leaders & Politics

  • 1848James K. Polk, the U.S. President, in his yearly message to Congress affirmed gold discovery in California. The message flashed the Gold Rush attracted approximately 300,000 people to the territory.

People & Society

  • 1484 Pope Innocent VIII condemned witchcraft and later he send off inquisitors to Germany to try witches.
  • 1766  The first sale was held by James Christie (in London), the world-renowned auctioneer.

Disasters: Natural & Man-made

  • 1456 An earthquake measuring 7.2 hit Central Italy which killed at least 70,000 people.
  • 1952 Approximately 4,000 people died when London experienced deadly smog. The incident incited the enactment of the Clean Air Act.

Discoveries & Explorations

  • 1743 Joseph-Nicolas Delisle (a French astronomer) organized synchronized scientific monitoring and observation of the regular transit of Mercury.
  • 2014 The launch of Orion’s first space flight test (Exploration Flight Test-1) from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station (CCSFS), Florida, United States.

Leisure & Sports

  • 2017 Russia was banned by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) to participate in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games (2018, South Korea). IOC leveled a doping program (state-sponsored) by the Russian government.

Birth Anniversaries (5 December)

  • 1830 Christina Rossetti (English Poet)
  • 1901 Walt Disney (American film producer)
  • 1901 Werner Heisenberg (German physicist)
  • 1927 Bhumibol Adulyadej (King of Thailand)

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Death Anniversaries (5 December)

  • 1686 Nicolaus Steno (Danish Geologist)
  • 1950 Sri Aurobindo (Indian Philosopher And Yogi)
  • 2007 Karlheinz Stockhausen (German Composer)
  • 2012 Oscar Niemeyer (Brazilian architect)
  • 2013 Nelson Mandela (South African nationalist and Nobel laureate)
  • 2016 Jayalalitha Jayaram (Indian Actress and Politician)

What Special Day is Today: (5 December)

  • World Soil Day
  • International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development
  • The King Bhumibol Adulyadej Memorial Birthday (Thailand)
  • Day of Military Honour – Battle of Moscow (Russia)
  • Discovery Day (Haiti and the Dominican Republic)
  • Klozum (Schiermonnikoog, Netherlands)
  • Children’s Day (Suriname)


The story of the day (5 December) is quite interesting and informative. A bunch of eminent personalities were in news on this day in history.

We continuously are aiming to provide you with most interesting facts and figures for each day.

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