5 Different Leadership Styles You Need To Know About

“There are a lot of men with feminine leadership styles and there are a lot of women with masculine leadership styles.”


5 Different Leadership Styles You Need To Know About
“There are a lot of men with feminine leadership styles and there are a lot of women with masculine leadership styles.” ― Jill Soloway


“Leadership is not just some empty formulas but establishing deep connection at soul levels through service, integrity, passion, perseverance and equanimity.
― Amit Ray

Leadership is the art of adapting to a unique setting and producing original solutions within that setting.

Being inspired and inspiring others is what makes a leader. It does not matter what stature you hold in a company or anywhere in life.

What matters the most is that you have a positive outlook equipped with patience and perseverance, and you transmit that outlook onto others and achieve great results together.

This is precisely where leadership styles come into the picture!

Leadership Styles in a Nutshell

Now, when you know what a leader is and what makes leadership, enlighten yourself with the various leadership styles that will help you become a great leader in your life!

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5 Different Leadership Styles You Need To Know About

1. Autocratic Leadership Style

Autocratic leadership style is a stiff one-dimensional style where the entire power lies with one person. That person could be a leader, a boss or a manager.

This one person styles the entire constitution on how everything should function and the members of his/her team are expected to work according to his/her instructions.

This facet of leadership styles is less liked by the majority!

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2. Democratic Leadership Style

Unlike the autocratic leadership style, the democratic leadership style involves the hefty participation of the leader as well as the other members of the team.

Democratic leadership style works the best when every member is highly skilled and well-experienced.

Out of all the leadership styles, democratic leadership style is highly preferred and celebrated.

3. Charismatic Leadership Style

Charismatic leaders are pumped up with extreme enthusiasm and energy. They encourage creativity and help people develop useful skills.

But a little downside to being a charismatic leader is that they often focus more on themselves and not on their teams or the people working under them.

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4. Laissez-Faire Leadership Style

The phrase “Laissez” means “leave it be.” It is a French phrase which depicts that leaders should allow their subordinates to work according to their abilities and understanding.

This is one of those leadership styles that is very effective when a natural outcome is required, and not something pre-planned.

5. Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership depicts a highly inspiring leader who aims to bring the best out of every individual working under him.

This style of leadership is quite prevalent in business environments where everyone must work as per their best abilities and find out quick and efficient outcomes, thereby leading to overall effectiveness.

Final Words

Leadership styles are a beautiful fusion of science and art. Every person can have their unique definition regarding leadership.

But what remains important is that an effective leader must be someone who inspires, who believes in humanity, who brings out the best in others, who strives hard to become an example for others and most importantly, someone who stays positive even in the toughest situations.

Leadership can only be effective when it is combined with the utmost perseverance and an attitude to make impossible, possible!

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