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5 Potent Advantages Of Practicing Compassion In Our Lives


Compassion and kindness are two key ingredients for our wellbeing and longevity. Simply by practicing compassion in your daily life, you could do a world of good to not just yourself but also others.

Having a sense of compassion and a drive to relieve the suffering of others can help you in self-realization to lead a fuller, happier life.

5 Potent Advantages Of Practicing Compassion In Our Lives
“Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts.” ― Charles Dickens

Compassion can be regarded as a quality that is intrinsically a part of all of us. That said, we often lack the mindfulness required to practice it in our daily lives.

Studies show that simply by practicing compassion on a daily basis, you could benefit your health significantly.

It includes being kind to others, being present in their times of need, understanding them, and dedicating yourself to relieving their worries.

In other words, compassion is the most basic ingredient for a more authentic and sustainable life.

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Practicing Compassion In Our Lives

How To Practice Compassion?

You can practice and express compassion daily by acts of care, support, and kindness.

You must keep in mind that compassion is not something you switch on and off at will or according to your convenience.

It is a way of life and something that must be inculcated within each of us with big or small gestures.

When it comes to compassion, a few little things can make a huge difference. Compassion also means letting go of your selfish or ulterior motives to ease the pain and suffering of someone else.

In other words, you adopt the interests and needs of other people as your own. This means being mindful, along with being compassionate so that you can be present and choose to help others by good acts and deeds.

Advantages of Compassion

Researchers have been studying as well as documenting the innumerable benefits of practicing compassion for decades.

The findings of these studies suggest that compassion is linked to our good health and overall wellbeing.

By expressing and cultivating compassion, we let go of ego and focus on things other than ourselves.

We live in an age where it is more important than ever to be compassionate to others and find kindness within each of us.

There are enough opportunities today to express this emotion in our daily lives.

Whether it is feeding the hungry or helping a friend through a broken relationship, serving others and being there for others can be the biggest selfless act you commit in your lifetime.

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Here are the 5 top advantages of practicing compassion in your day-to-day life!

1. Compassion can open up your heart and enlarge your identity as well as perspective as you start discovering commonalities between yourself and others.

2. Compassion reduces the suffering of others and enhances the overall sense of wellbeing.

3. It makes you happy and content with yourself because you feel more fulfilled with a sense of authentic purpose in life.

4. Studies suggest that compassion can improve your overall health by normalizing your blood pressure, strengthening your immune system, speeding up your recovery from various illnesses, improving your mood, and extending your life.

5. The sheer act of compassion is contagious, and it instills a deep sense of peace within us.

What do you think? Are you a compassionate person? What was the last compassionate act you carried out? To whom?

Do you believe it is important for us to be kind to others and help them in their times of need?

Write to us! We would love to hear from you.



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  1. The media and other for-profit ventures (not all, obviously) have a vested interest in keeping us at each other’s throats as much as possible. Outrage sells, for better or worse.

    That’s why I’m all for people who want to really go out of their way to fight against that by practicing kindness, compassion and gratitude. The more people put those things out there in the world, the less the outrage and hate machine can polarize us against each other.

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