5 Signs of A Strong Friendship – Spotting A True Friend

“Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil.”


5 Signs of a Strong Friendship - Spotting A True Friend
“Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil.” ― Baltasar Gracian


Life is tough, and making true friends is tougher. There are times when I step out, and see people surrounded by a bunch of friends.

How do people find these friends? The real question to ask is – Are these people REALLY your friends?

As a person who has very few friends, I can write a thesis on ‘how to spot fake friends.’ Similarly, there are many signs of a strong friendship. But, we will focus on the five signs. These are helpful for spotting a true friend.

Before we move forward, I would love to point out the people who send random friend requests on social media asking, ‘Can we be friends?’

My only concern with this question is that – How can you ask someone to be a friend without even knowing them? Building a strong friendship requires time, trust, and understanding.

So, the next time you ask this question, you would also think whether it is valid or not.

Let’s dive right into the article!

5 Signs of a Strong Friendship – REVEALED

You will come across countless friendship articles on Google and other search engines. I thought of taking a break from the usual signs of a strong friendship, and sharing some real information with you.

I have very few friends. In fact, I get one or two calls on my birthday when the clock strikes midnight.

That’s because I am not a believer of keeping fake friends in my life.

Here’s something you need to know (the 5 signs):

1. Conversations are Appealing

If your friend gets angry and starts arguing with you, it is a danger sign. You should be able to talk about anything with your friend.

I believe that conversations are quite appealing. You can talk about anything under the sun without getting judged.

Fights can be ugly! I’m not saying that you should not be fighting, but sitting down and conversing is better.

2. Accepting Mistakes When Needed

This is not just for your friend, but it also applies to you.

If you are at fault, you will not shy away from apologizing. In fact, a true friend does not feel happy after fighting or arguing with you.

Give up the ego, and apologize. That’s a strong friendship! Spotting a true friend is easy. If they continue to stretch the argument or fight for days and do not reach out, you can change your group of friends.

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3. Don’t Let Me Down – The Keeper of My Secrets

I have a lot of secrets in my heart. But, I’m also very honest with my friends. I told my biggest secret to a friend of mine, and she told the whole world about it. Was that a good move?

When things went ugly between us, she chose to tell my secret to everyone.

A good friend does not do tit-for-tat. Moreover, they do not spill out your secrets in front of the whole world.

If they do, that tells a lot about that person and not YOU.

4. Make the Effort

Life gets busy, but good friends will always find time for you. The same goes for you! You have to make the effort to keep those friends in your life.

Give a call to them once in a while and ask them how they are doing. Remember their birthdays, and the days that are important to them.

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5. Respecting Each Other’s Time & Boundaries

There are fake friends who interfere in your life and cross boundaries when it is not required.

You have to respect each other’s time and boundaries. While you have the right to worry about your friend, but you cannot dictate. After all, it is their life, and they are the ones who will decide what they want to do with their life.

Spotting a True Friend in the Big and Bad World

The world is a toxic place. Most of the people will try to pull you down and not want you to be happy.

You need to take some time to open up. Do not rush, especially when you are making friends and sharing your life with them.

Now that you are aware of the signs of a strong friendship, you will be able to spot a true friend.

Lastly, a true friend feels happy for you no matter what you do in life. They will like you for who you are.

These are some of the basic signs that you need to look out for!

Make sure you trust the right set of people. And, you are responsible for becoming a true friend too. Don’t let your friends down!



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