Over 50 People Saved by Getting Killed on Juhu Beach by a Heroic Man from Jharkhand


Very few people on this earth are like Guardians and angel who cares about the public safety and contribute to the well-being of the citizen. Over 50 People saved from getting killed by Bunty Rao from Jharkhand and is inspirational for all the young people in India. He is a volunteer lifeguard and is ever ready to help people from any difficulty. Mumbai is considered to be one of the busiest place and city in India. To live in such a place is a task because it’s very hard to earn a livelihood in such place.

The Beginning Days of Bunty Rao

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Bunty left his job from SAP and left Jamshedpur, Jharkhand and came to Mumbai to start a livelihood so that he can provide a stable life for his family. He is very passionate about photography and helping people, therefore, he volunteered as a Lifeguard in Juhu beach, Mumbai. His personality is very humble and kind. Before embarking on this journey he himself had no idea that he would rescue over 50 people. When the visitors come to Juhu beach he offers to take their photos with the beautiful scene surrounding them and with a classy backdrop of the waves of the sea. Visitors are pleased to meet this man and often enjoy his company.

Bunty Rao had said that he left his hometown Jamshepur, leaving his job at SAP and came to Mumbai. He has a great interest in photography and he was clicking pictures which really created a nice impression on the directors. He got the job in assisting the directors with the documentary and he has assisted in movies like Insaan and Bewafa. Bunty Rao also was pursuing photography by being a professional photographer and getting appointed in parties, events, wedding, etc to conduct a photoshoot.

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Free Service Provided by Bunty

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After coming to know that the number of death taking place on the beach, most of the accidents it is been reported that there were no Lifesaver guards on the shore. Baywatch Lifeguard Association (BLA) was started by Sayeed Shama with uprising need and importance of Lifeguards on the seashore. But that wasn’t enough to decrease the number of deaths taking place on the Beaches of Mumbai. Therefore he started an NGO which trains civil men in helping and providing first aid kit training.

Bunty is also been trained by BLA and he said that he provides free service and he does it for the well-being of the people. He also cleans the beach in the morning. Bunty Rao is truly a man who hasn’t just become a Lifeguard for the self-interest but for the interest of the Public.

Saving Over 50 People in Last 16 Years

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Nowadays a lot of people before helping someone first think about themselves that whether they will be in danger or not. But by that time the person who is drowning is been declared dead and tossed in the sea. People don’t take immediate action and that is what the generation needs to do now. Bunty Rao has helped saving lives of over 50 people at Juhu Beach in Mumbai. He never wastes his time in thinking that what’s going to happen next but instead he dives into the water and saves the lives of the people. He has accepted this as his responsibility thus this work with a shortcut or easy way to accomplish his work.

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A man with humble and meek heart and no desire to give up the work in risking his life every day on the shore and touching lives of the people. If India will have more people like him then our country will become united and strong. Bunty Rao a man pledged to save lives of people and have successfully fulfilled his pledge and saved over 50 people and much more with his unending service.


Written By: Sanjay Kumar Patra


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