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6 Efficient Ways of Maintaining A Positive Attitude and Peace of Mind


6 Efficient Ways of Maintaining A Positive Attitude and Peace of Mind
“Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude.” ― Lou Holtz


6 Efficient Ways of Maintaining A Positive Attitude and Peace of Mind


“Our beliefs about what we are and what we can be precisely determine what we can be.”
― Tony Robbins

Running the rat race of this world is tedious and compulsory. Everyone has their own mountain to climb, their own demon to fight. In all this fighting and winning, losing and trying again, we may lose a little part of us everyday. Eventually, when we start getting tired, we start losing hope. It affects our positive attitude and peace of mind​.

Here are 6 efficient ways of maintaining a Positive Attitude and Peace of Mind, even amongst all the negativity of this world.

1. Exercise and Meditate for Peace of Mind

Exercise helps in increasing the flow of oxygen and blood to the brain. Thus, making us feel happy. On the other hand, meditation helps in calming down our central nervous system.

Not only this, but researchers have found that people who combine their workout routine with meditation, complete their exercise in a more mindful way and the effects last longer. It has proved to be the most helpful to maintain a positive attitude and peace of mind.

2. Appreciate Others

When we appreciate others, we look for the good in them, instead of focusing on the bad. We focus on the positive instead of negative which, as a result, changes our mindset.

It helps us have a positive attitude and approach to life. It also motivates and cultivates our social and personal relationships by building trust and contributes to our peace of mind.

To appreciate others, we need to understand and accept the following things:

    • Everyone matures at their own time and according to their own experience.
    • Positive and negative habits and thoughts reside together. Both need acknowledgment, one in order to be developed and other to be controlled.
    • Everyone has their own issues and everyone is fighting those issues to do their best.

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3. Maintain a Gratitude Journal

“Once you begin to take note of things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of that you lack.”
― Germany Kent

Maintaining a gratitude journal can do wonders when it comes to maintaining a positive attitude and peace of mind. Studies have found that people who maintain a gratitude journal in which they write 5 things they are grateful for every week, tend to be happier, more optimistic and more enthusiastic about the upcoming week, as compared to those who don’t. It boosts their peace of mind too.

Some studies have also marked that weekly journals are more beneficial than daily journals as recording the blessings daily could diminish the effect as the mind would easily adapt to it.

4. Forgive More

We often misunderstand why it is necessary to forgive people who have wronged us. We think it’s for them, to free them from their guilt. While, forgiving someone may serve this purpose too, it’s actually for our own peace of mind and helps to maintain a positive attitude.

When we forgive someone, we aren’t conveying that whatever they did was right or has been forgotten. It simply means that we are past the hurt and don’t hold any grudges or grievances, whether or not we maintain our relationship with that person.

To know more about how and why to forgive someone, check out ​this ​article written by me.

5. Social Media Cleansing

Social media cleanse means deleting social media from our lives. The number of shares our post gets decides how humorous our joke was or how beautiful we look in that picture we posted. The number of followers decide how much we are liked. This desire of acceptance we seek online has started deciding our worth in our own eyes.

We seek validation on social media and when we get it, we feel confident. Think about it, all of us, seeking each other’s approval to look a certain way, to feel a certain way, to be certain way! Wouldn’t it be better if the only approval that mattered to us, was ours?

When we eliminate the social media distractions from our lives, we take control of our lives from the hands of our followers. We become responsible for our well-being and feel confident being ourselves. This helps us to maintain a positive attitude in life as well as our peace of mind.

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6. Talk Positive to Maintain a Positive Attitude

My mother has always taught me that God is always listening. She says that we should never speak ill about others or ourselves or God may get angry and actually make it happen. I don’t know if God exists or not. I don’t know if he’s listening or not. All I know is that I am listening.

Studies have found that constant negative self-talk can lead to higher levels of stress and lower self-esteem, neither of which even remotely contributes to maintaining a positive attitude and peace of mind.

It is important to remember to treat ourselves the way we treat our loved ones, with gentleness. We deserve our love and motivation as much as anyone else in the world, or may be, even more.


It’s not easy to live among so much hatred and negativity that exists in this world. But among all these things, there’s love too, there’s positivity too. It’s in our hands if we let the negativity of this world devour us or choose to maintain a positive attitude and peace of mind.

Do you have any thoughts on how one can maintain a positive attitude even amongst the chaos? Share in the comments section below.



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