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7 Effective Ways To Make Best Friends Forever


7 Effective Ways To Make Best Friends Forever
“Best friends are forever. That’s why they’re called BFFs.” ― Lauren Conrad


How To Become Best Friends Forever?

Real friends are rare to find. You cannot choose your family, but you have the freedom to choose your friends.

Best friends forever play an essential role in each other’s lives and no matter who your best friend is, he/she is the person on whom you can rely in the toughest situations of your life.

Best friends forever are just like salt and pepper or like jam and bread or like needle and thread. One is incomplete without the other.

There are numerous famous besties such as Laurel and Hardy, Tom and Jerry and many others.

You may have many friends, but your best friend is a special one who is much more than the others.

If you do not have a best friend yet, read on to know how to make one!

1. Besties Love and Support Each Other Always and in All Ways

Your best friend is a person whom you can always count on. He/she is your supporter, confidante, a shoulder to cry on, believer, inspiration, partner-in-crime and a person who knows all your secrets.

In short, whenever you are in a problem or have something to share, the first person you think about is your best friend.

2. Do Not Invade Each Other’s Space

Sometimes, close relations tend to lack space, and this leads to the death of many harmonious relations.

Let your best friend live his/her own life and pursue his/her interests. Being a best friend does not mean clinging to each other always.

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3. Friends Keep No Secrets

A best friend is a person with whom you can open your heart and talk about any topic you want. There is no secret or shyness when you speak to your best friend.

4. Always Allow Give and Take

Best friends forever also have their personal lives. But the main essence of friendship is to give and take importance and time to each other amidst your busy schedule and personal responsibilities.

5. Do Not Go On a Guilt-Trip if You are really Best Friends Forever

Do not ask your friend to choose between you and someone. There is no point in pushing your friend on a guilt trip. Do not keep hard feelings in your heart and accept each other as you are.

6. Do Not Be Judgmental

An essential policy of friendship is not to be judgmental. It is essential for you to be honest and straightforward with your bestie. And the most important thing is never ever to talk behind their back.

If someone is your best friend, you must allow yourself the freedom to speak honestly and up front.

7. Find Someone who Shares the same Core Values

Make friends with a person who shares a standard set of values and principles as you, someone who enjoys things that you like and with whom you enjoy spending your leisure time.

A person with whom you can laugh, cry, joke, fight and talk for hours without getting bored is a clear sign of being best friends forever with him/her.

If you also have some thoughts on how to become best friends forever, then do share with us in the comments section below!



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