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A Kind Heart Sees More Than A Keen Eye

“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.”


A Kind Heart Sees More Than A Keen Eye
“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.” ― H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


H. Jackson Brown Jr. is an American motivational author who has written several inspirational books including the best-seller, Life’s Little Instruction Book.

The quote, “Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye,” is taken from his book. He asserts that a kind, sensitive and compassionate heart can see many things which are not visible through the keenest eyes.

For instance, the eyes can see a person, but a compassionate heart can feel why the person is happy or sad, what kind of life he is leading and many more such facts about the person. Just a visual survey of the things around us is not enough; we must develop the sensitivity to feel what is happening around us.

The Heart which feels Emotions, also ‘Sees’

The reference to eyes here, implies the exterior physical attributes of anything, that is observed by the eyes and seen thorough the mind.

On the contrary, seeing something through the compassionate heart implies feeling that object or person through our senses and emotions.

You may look at a starving malnourished street dog which is in a poor shape. The sight may make anyone feel disgust, or put them off. The pictures of malnourished Ethiopian children deliver more than what is visible through the eyes.

The eyes record the images displayed, but the heart feels compassion and pity for it. Being kind to all, will give you feeling of pathos which is invisible to the eyes.

This is the reason why we must always remember that there is more to the world than what meets the eyes. We should always strive to recognize what we cannot see with the eyes, but we can see with the compassionate heart.

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How to Develop a “Seeing” Heart

How often have you noticed that when you are tensed, feeling anxiety or are stressed out; you do not notice anything much in the surrounding environment. A child crying near you will be not be noticed by you. A dog barking, or a cat meowing nearby will not be seen.

Even though physical eyes may be seeing everything; but your mind will not register it. This is what happens when the heart is heavy and laden with our own problem or dilemmas. The more stressed you are, harder it becomes to see with your heart.

When you are cantered in yourself; you are calm and at peace; it is then that you can see more clearly with your heart. Making peace with yourself, meditating and relaxing your mind; and being kind to others helps in developing a positive attitude towards life.

When you become adept at seeing from the heart, the world will not appear the same. Your word will become better and more colorful than you had seen it before. Your life will become better with each passing day; and you will feel becoming more powerful in bringing change in the life of the people around you.


Our feelings are more powerful than what we see. The visuals are finite, in a way. You cannot see more than what is shown. But our heart has infinite ways to understand and feel. Everyone will have their own viewpoint and perspective, which may be different and unique for the same set of visuals.

Developing a compassionate heart comes from a positive peaceful mind. Being kind to all is the outcome of such a beautiful heart.


Written By: Priya Singh



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