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A Life Without Principles Is Not Worth Living For


“We cannot be sure of having something to live for unless we are willing to die for it.” ― Ernesto Che Guevara


When we talk of bravery and courage, we think of great leaders and armies who conquered countries. Alternatively we might think of those few courageous individuals who won awards for their bravery in saving lives of people. All these acts of bravery and valor are true and commendable. However, not all stories of braveries need to be great or earth-shaking.

Life gives us a chance everyday to show our courage. Earning one’s living through honest means and not giving in to temptations, itself is a matter of valor and courage. In fact, if we keep our eyes open, we can see several examples of courage strewn all around us.


We can be Brave in anything We Do

Often the army men are credited with bravery. While not discounting their valor, we must also think of those who stand by their duties in the face of hardships and danger. A journalist who exposes the serious rackets in society, is as brave as any.

People who clean the underground drains of the sewer system go through the life-threatening hazards in their efforts to keep the city clean and functioning. People who work with high-tension electric lines put their life in danger all the time.

The hazardous manufacturing processes in factories and large plants put the workers in danger. However, these people undergo their duties day in and out without a second though or worry about their personal safety.

Having Principles in Life makes it Worthy to Live

Unscrupulous people can adopt any means for their success or profits. However, in any society, such people are few and easily identifiable. Most people in a society live by their principles. In fact, a great society is built when the majorities of people are righteous and live by their principles.

The concept of Ram Rajya or the rule of justice and fairness, is dependent on the fact that the majority of the citizen will follow the path of Dharma; that is living with principles and fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.

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Principles Help Enrich One’s Life

People who lead a principled life acquire several virtues. Some of these virtues are fearlessness, patience, optimism, long-term vision, peace, happiness and many more. Conversely, having virtues also tend to make a person more principled. Not surprisingly, there are scientific studies that prove that people with principles lead a more happy and satisfied life.

They do enjoy several tangible benefits as well, in terms of physical well being. For instance, they are not afflicted by several heath issues which people with negative mind set suffer from. They lead a more fulfilling life, helping and inspiring others. They can look back proudly at their accomplishments which they have achieved by sticking to their principles.

Do not ever Compromise on Your Principles

This is one of the toughest one to follow in life. Quite often, a person is faced by some ethical dilemma where taking a short cut might look more promising than sticking to one’s avowed principles. However, instead of giving in to the temptations, one should take this as a test for one’s principles.

Making compromises means that you lack the moral strength to make it binding on you. When faced with such situation, do not adjust your morals but adjust your resolve to make yourself stronger. Good and bad times come to all, it is how you plan, organize and use your resources that help you carve out your destiny.


There are certain things and passions that make life worthwhile. The principles that one lives by should occupy the topmost place. They are what guides all our actions, supports us during bad times and give us the strength we need to overcome the tough times.


Written By: Raj Kumar Hansdah


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