A Picture Can Only Click Good Looks But Its Inner Beauty Which Clicks With Others

“The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.”


A Picture Can Only Click Good Looks But Its Inner Beauty Which Clicks With Others
“The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.” ― Francis Bacon


What is your measurement of beauty? Do you judge beauty by considering the Good Looks of a person? If yes, then you are not going on the right track.

There is a very old perception that picture expresses the real beauty. The more elegant picture is, the more beautiful you are. This is generally perceived by people. But this assumption is off-base.

Beauty doesn’t mean having a beautiful face/good looks but it means having a beautiful soul, delightful personality and that beauty delineates from the actions of the persons.

That’s why it has been said that a picture can’t depict the real beauty of a person because the real beauty resides in the heart and the acts of the person, and not in the face.

Beautiful Inside Makes You Beautiful Outside

The person whose thought is beautiful is the beautiful person. If your little effort can bring a smile on the face of a dejected person, then you are the most beautiful person in the world.

It’s not the picture that tells your real personality, it’s your inner thoughts that make you beautiful.

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Feel Your Inner Beauty

The inner beauty is the key to your happiness. Your reaction to anything happening in the world shows your inner condition.

Even if you are going through the most frustrating and heartbreaking moment, however you smile after watching a child playing with his mother.

If you can find happiness in little things, then you have been filled with immense beauty inside you. If you are able to find joy and pleasure in little things, then you are beautiful.

Keep Away From Evils

This is an important thing to consider. Keeping yourself away from evil gives you a way to happiness.

The more you are away from the bad things, the more you become beautiful from inside. Bad habits keep you away from happiness.

Spread love and joy in the whole world and make yourself the most beautiful person.

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Good Looks can be Deceptive, Simplicity is the Real Beauty

Simplicity is the quality of being simple; this quality is not in everybody. But this makes a person perfect because simplicity is the real or ultimate beauty. It is the true elegance. Simplicity does not mean being dirty or anything of that nature.

Good looks can be enhanced with anything such as plastic-surgeries and cosmetics but it would not last long. Simplicity is meant to take care of yourself without adding a number of artificial things, and present yourself, as you are.

Stay simple, be natural, live peacefully and make yourself presentable.

Feel Yourself Special

The feeling of self-crisis is in the nature of most of the persons. Generally, people compare themselves with others due to good looks, values, actions; but this is not good.

God had made everybody very special, with different nature. You just have to see yourself as perfect, and don’t ever get jealous of anybody with their appearance.

Build self-confidence in yourself about your appearance. You just need to feel your inner beauty to feel happiness and make everyone else happy.

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Beautiful Insight

Rather than wasting your time in enhancing your outer glow, you should work on your inner glow. Outside beauty fades away, but inner beauty never.

The way you see the world decides how beautiful you are. Your positive vision with regards to the world makes you more appealing.


Love yourself! Because loving oneself makes him or her more beautiful rather than only good looks.

Just love the way you are. Love the outer world by heart. Find the happiness in each situation.

If you can do this, then you are the most beautiful person. Just a picture can’t express your beauty. Beauty is much more than it.

Your beautiful heart depicts how beautiful you are. So, stay beautiful, be beautiful and unfurl happiness everywhere!



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