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A Step with Awareness is a Step Towards Success


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A Step with Awareness is a Step Towards Success
“Every step I take in light is mine forever.” ― Swami Vivekananda


Awareness and ignorance are antonyms, yet it’s said that ignorance is bliss but does it really holds true? While being ignorant in many cases could be fruitful, stepping out in the wrong direction even after knowing the consequences could lead to disasters. This is why when a person moves ahead with full awareness and consciousness; it leads him to deep insights and learning which a person never loose in the future.

Awareness is the Key to Happiness

Setting up your goals and deciding what you want to become in life could lead you making great plans for yourself. While following something blindly is hazardous, doing things with full consciousness and awareness take you a step forward towards reaching your goals.

When you make a plan and try everything possible to make it happen, no one can outshine you. Always remember the more you try with full zeal, the more knowledge you gain and start getting nearer to your aspirations and success.

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Think, Decide and Implement

This is the core idea behind being self-independent and self-reliable. Things become much simpler to accomplish if you start taking the right steps in the right direction.

After carefully examining the know-how of each aspect when a person starts indulging in the precise direction, it gives him the most successful and rewarding results. This is the reason why it is said that catching the right train at the right time could lead you to reach your ultimate station of life.

You never know when your one step in the right direction could help in achieving the horizons of success. So always take the time to decide what you want and then with full awareness start moving to the track.


Written By: Mani Lohani



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