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Hello/Namaste/Hola/Bonjour to all our friends from across the globe!

We welcome you to BeAnInspirer.com with open arms. This page is especially created to inspire and motivate individuals to move forward in life and instil a sense of courage to follow their dreams, heart, and passion. Our main aim is to inspire and help our readers to lead a positive life.

‘It is never too late, never too late to start over, never too late to be happy.’

‘Difficult roads often lead to a beautiful destination.’

We all face difficult situations in life. A sudden death, failed relationships, poor grades or a genuine misunderstanding between two people are all a part of this life. We must not forget that there are people around the world, who have faced a lot of hardship in life.

BeAnInspirer is a page where our writers aim to inspire people through their words. We share inspirational quotes, stories and tales of First Indians, who made the country proud with their hard work and devotion.

On BeAnInspirer, you would become a part of the beautiful journey! What is the journey about? It is about the journey of life! After being a part of our family, you will become an inspirer and will see the world from a different lens.

The Need for Inspiration

There are times in life when we feel that we have nobody to motivate us. We feel lost and hopeless. Sometimes our dreams do not get fulfilled and some things remain unsaid. At those times, we need a helping hand. Through BeAnInspirer, we share inspirational stories, quotes and biographies of inspiring people with you. There is a need to inspire each other because there is always going to be someone in this world, who would pull you down.

Are you an Inspirer?

In order to be an inspirer, one does not need a fortune in their bank account. People who do big talks are not inspirers. According to us, it is the simple act of being kind, passionate, dedicated and having a good heart to inspire and motivate others to do well in life!

YOU could BE AN INSPIRER only if you leave negative thoughts behind the door and follow your dreams and achieve the impossible!

Inspiring others is an Art

‘Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring.’

Life is not easy but it will be no fun if there were no challenges. However, it gets difficult to face these challenges without any inspiration or motivation. You feel that your life is filled with darkness. At such instances, you want someone to hold your hand and hug you tight. You require a pep talk but you also need motivation that, ‘Yes! I can move on’ or ‘I can do this too!’

An inspirer does not have a perfect life. He/she chooses to be strong in order to motivate others! An inspirer has an iron will. They do not drown in their own tears, they write their own story. In a nutshell, these are the people, who INSPIRE!

‘Do not be ashamed of your story. It will inspire others.’

As human beings, we all have a heart and we can help and heal each other through words and actions.

Do you wish to BE AN INSPIRER?

Being an inspirer is simple and straight-forward. Nobody in this world is perfect. We look at others and think, ‘Wow! They have such a perfect life!’ How do you know that the other person has a perfect life? Everyone struggles in their life at some point of time. We are not born perfect!

Even though we have imperfections, we must complement one another and inspire each other. How do we inspire? One can share experiences, words that heal and narrating inspiring stories of great men and women!

BeAnInspirer is a website which aims to heal broken souls and hopeless minds. This is an initiative to heal you and inspire you to live an improved life. This is to tell you that it is NOT over yet! Life goes on and these are just phases.

If great men gave up in life, they would not be great. Their names would not have been in history books!

Inspiring You through Words

The articles on BeAnInspirer have been written by professional writers, who have several years of expertise in writing as well as life. The writers are experts in different fields and they have joined hands with us to inspire you through their words and inspirational stories.

Our experts aim to spread positivity and inspire those, who are in need of a helping hand. The writers on BeAnInspirer platform are passionate, self-motivated and they always have a smile on their face! The website represents the inspirational writers and their inspiring words which spread positivity and happiness.

The experts on our platform have been carefully chosen. They have experienced life and their sole aim is to bring a change in the society and mend hearts through their words. The articles that you find on our platform are not empty words. They have been carefully researched and written by the experts.

About the Images on BeAnInspirer

Majority of the images used on the site are photographed and edited by the founder of this platform. He does it with great love and commitment! His vision is to spread positivity across the globe. The founder is a keen photographer and you can see that through the stunning photographs that he have been used in all the ‘quotes’ pages. The images used from external sources have been given due credits.

The founder is an inspiring man, who takes special care that the content of this website does not hurt anyone’s sentiments. He urges the authors of the site to write for the people.

All the quotes and images found on this website are for inspiring individuals and motivating them to excel in life!

Let the Journey Begin

Once you are a part of the BeAnInspirer family, you would have access to inspiring quotes, stories, and tales of brave and revolutionary men. The articles that you find on our platform are well-researched. Our experts cover stories of people, who are just like YOU and ME. Anybody can be an inspirer! With the stories covered on our site, you would be thrilled and your heart and mind would want to Be An Inspirer as well.

When you feel low, the quotes on our site will give you hope. We are here to inspire and turn everyone into an inspirer! Let the journey begin…

About the Founder ‘Krishnendu Pramanick’

Krishnendu Pramanick

BeAnInspirer is the brainchild of Krishnendu Pramanick. The young and inspiring athlete hails from Bengal. His journey started on a social media platform, ‘Facebook’. Mr. Krishnendu’s main aim has been to inspire people and heal them through words and inspiring stories.

The journey of inspiring others started in the year 2011 and in the year 2015, Krishnendu Pramanick bought the domain. The website was formally launched in the year 2016 and since then, there has been no turning back.

Krishnendu Pramanick currently resides in Ranchi. He is a full-time Physical & Health Instructor at Taurian World School in Ranchi.

Mr. Krishnendu is happily married to Sujata KC and they both inspire each other through multiple ways! We believe that love changes you as a person and when the journey begins, you both inspire and motivate each other and have shared goals.

Our dream is to reach out to people across the globe. We want to touch hearts and inspire those, who are in need of a friend or just an inspiration!

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Just so you know, our aim is not to create conflicts between different religious or ethnic groups. Our content is carefully written and the aim is not to hurt anyone’s sentiments. Our main motto is to inspire and create a balance in the society. We want to create dreamers, inspirers and darers.

We are here to bring a smile on faces, which have experienced sheer sadness in life. When you go through the content of our site, you would be able to relate to the people because they are like you and me.

Our dream is to spread peace, brotherhood, and as much love. In case of any queries, feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to help you!

If you have any query, feel free to Contact Us.

Welcome to our family!