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Abundance Comes From Loving What You Do

“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.”


Abundance Comes From Loving What You Do
“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.” ― Oscar Wilde


Frugality is a virtue that few possess. However, living a life of frugality does not mean being miserly or living a miserable life of deprivation.

Frugality means not being wasteful, making a mindful and thoughtful decision on consumption and being open to alternatives.

A wasteful life can never experience abundance, as for a person who doesn’t appreciate the value of anything, nothing is ever enough or sufficient.

For someone living within means, it implies putting a rein on his expectations and dreams. This is unlike a person who is frugal, for they are content with what they have.

The monks in Buddhist monasteries lead such a contented life and every moment of their life is filled with joy and happiness.

Living within Your Means should be a Choice

There is a world of difference between living a contented happy life with whatever you have, and making a compromise by living within your means.

The latter indicates a lack of willingness. It shows there are unsatisfied desires, wishes and dreams which are yet to be fulfilled.

If this is the case, should you settle for less? Being forced to live within one’s means, amounts to a life of restrains and misery.

Only a contented heart can give to others and share their blessings. If you are unhappy and miserly because of your inability to live within means, then you can never be able to share and give others.

If living within your means is not your choice then you must make an all out effort to change it. If there is no feeling of abundance, then there is no meaning of frugality.

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The Universal Law of Abundance

If you are not able to live within your means, then there is nothing stopping you from doing that.

Only your lack of imagination is the limiting factor, as you have been blessed with all the talents required. Everyone has certain talents which he can polish with dedication, discipline and practice.

There is an inspiring couplet in the great creation of Tulsi Das, the revered Indian sage, in Ramcharit Manas which says “Every material thing of happiness is available in this world, but a person who doesn’t toil for it, will not be endowed with it.”

The Calvinistic Ethics also propound that one who indulges in hard work, discipline and frugality shall be blessed with abundance.

The Universal Law of Abundance enables each one of us to receive happiness that we deserve. You receive back when you start giving to others. Everyone has something good to contribute to others with a heart laden with gratitude.

You Receive when You are Willing to Give

There is an ancient wise saying that says, you will receive when you are ready. This readiness comes when you feel the gratitude and learn to be generous with what you have.

This spirit of giving will make you realize your hidden talents. You will explore new avenues where you can put your talent to good use. A passive content life is unable to help others.

An active vibrant life that is full of abundance, spreads its hand to give others and will always be on the lookout towards helping others. We have got one life and to redeem this life we have to excel in what we can do best.

Difference Between being Complacent and Content

True contentment comes when one has achieved what he was meant for, like the feeling a mountaineer gets when he conquers Mount Everest.

One who never tried to go beyond his comfort zone cannot claim contentment. Not stretching oneself further is complacency, and it is a refuge for the defeated and those who have given up.

Fire up your imagination, arise and go forth where you can challenge your abilities and potential.



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