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The Acceptance of Love is a Prior Desire in Life

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”


The Acceptance of Love is a Prior Desire in Life
“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” ― George Sand


Love is the strongest desire of any living thing that inspires and motivates the negativity into positive aspect. It is the bonding between two emotional minds that leads them to share anything and to care about each other.

In the ancient age, love was defined by the Greeks as “The Madness of God”. The modern psychologist pointed it as the strong emotional desire to be united with one person with his/her loved one.

There are uncountable songs, poems, story written over the decades only to define the true desire for love.

Everyone has described love from their point of view and from the perspective they experience in life.

But at the end, one line can sum up the total theory, that love is nothing but the happiness of mind by being loved back.

Does Love Bring Happiness Only?

Love and happiness are the two sides of the same coin. When we love something, we feel happy and content. The state of being satisfied is to create a situation in your mind that everything around you makes you feel happy.

Even the tiny beautiful flower in your balcony, you overlooked so far, suddenly seems like the most wonderful creation of God. In fact, when we feel happy, some special hormone secretion in our body makes us react like this.

But does love really bring happiness only? For instance, if you love someone, but he/she does not accept your proposal, then what? Just imagine the situation. Everything, even your dearest thing makes you irritated.

You lose the desire to enjoy your life. You would perhaps like to avoid your friends, relatives even your close family members. Your life seems to be the heaviest burden on earth. You feel lonely and unhappy.

So, the most important thing in a relationship is the acceptance of your love by your loved one. And love gives every happiness in the world which is the greatest part of life.

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Being Loved is the Ultimate Fulfilment in Life

Can you imagine a life without being noticed? Does it ever happen in your life that you feel sad, silent more than usual, but there is no one to ask you, hey! What Happened? Why are you quite?

I am sure if you never faced a situation like this, you are very lucky to have someone, who cares you, feels and observes your every mood.

It may cause little irritation in you when you are sad. Don’t want to talk with anyone, yet you have to answer all the queries. Whereas you can’t deny the fact that this little act of caring and observing makes you happy at the end of the day. You realize there is someone who is always beside you.

Believe me! These bring the pleasure feeling in our mind. The irresistible passion, when you love and be committed to someone in your life, and get the response back, it’s nothing but happiness.

Even the pets in our home show their desire to be loved when we come back home after a long time, by their body gesture. 

Love has its own language to communicate with our loved ones by expressing the desire to meet, to spend time together.

Love is the Desire to Live

Blessed one is the man or woman who has got the right person in their life as a partner, as a friend, as a child or as colleagues, who not only give love and courage but also keep your desire alive to live a better life.

The affection we get from our loved ones inspire and motivate us to fight with all the adversities in our life. If the people we love and care also care for us, the equation in our love life, whether it’s a romantic relation or mere friendship, will always go in a straight way.

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Make Some Positive Approach

To establish an everlasting relationship, the most important things we should keep in mind are 

A) Trust

B) Care

C) Our positive approach and a little appreciation

To say, “I Love You”, does not establish anything. It’s only established by how much you care about your partner’s choice―matters a great deal.

Question yourself ― have you ever asked him/her what he/she likes and act according to that.

The harmony irrespective of dissimilarities is the fundamental truth of love and being loved.

So, make some positive approach through your attitude and behaviour so that the other person may feel the warmth of your heart.


We enter into this world knowing that we are loved by our parents and family members. Later on, life expands out of the family, and our life journey begins.

Sometime life hurts, some time make us happy, but the desire of love never dies. It’s always bringing happiness and satisfaction.


Written By: Soma Bhattacharya



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