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If You Wish To Achieve Success, Develop Courage As An Important Quality


If You Wish To Achieve Success, Develop Courage As An Important Quality
“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.” ― Maya Angelou


Courage is the most significant virtue. There are other virtues like morality, generosity, persistence, impartiality that can be adept constantly only if you have courage.

Out of all the virtues, courage has supreme quality and better power to deal with any tough situations in life. Courage makes you quality individual with strength better than all the other virtues.

If you have the best of intentions, you may end up jumping to bad decisions if you lack courage. To transform quality intentions into good actions, courage as a virtue is required. Courage is required to stand by one’s principle and responsibility against dishonest and illegal pressure.

Deprived of courage, you may end up incorrectly qualifying your actions and refrain from taking responsibility. For instance: Without courage, in case of a road accident, a by-passer would not assist the wounded person even if he feels compassionate and discerns helping is the correct thing to do. Also to transform you and make yourself a better person, courage is obligatory to practice self-discipline.

Identify the Important Quality

From all the virtues, lay importance on the one that is mandatory to be present in almost all situations. Without a shadow of doubt, that virtue is courage. Courage alone does not develop you a moral person.

Differentiating when acts are courageous, as opposed to hasty or cowardly, for example, is an application of prudence. So, prudence and courage go hand in hand.

Capability to identify what is correct, what is wrong, what is ethical, what is non-ethical, what is the problem, what can be applied to resolve the problem etc. is existing in almost all of you. The ability to do the right, fair and moral thing needs an essential virtue called Courage.

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Why is Courage Important?

Courage is what the other virtues depend on as a basis, and as a stepladder to climb. Courage is important in other phases of your life as well. But most prominently, it is the central of your virtues.

Lacking courage, you will not be capable to stand up for your virtues. In short of courage, the converses of virtue will rule you, the vices.

In your life, in many of the circumstances you need to take tough decisions e.g. performing something which is contrary to your own, in such types of situation all can suggest what right thing to do is but only a courageous person will perform it.

Learn to Practice Courage

Generally, courage supports in starting a new thing and it benefits you in taking decisions. It makes you understand your complete potential as only due to this you practise risk, and it is the virtue which split up the people who are uncertain and who are doer.

To practice courage, you have to initially jump into the situation and take initiative. Then gradually, you need to try for the things which are less suitable for you or less acquainted to you. Practicing in this way will gradually develop courage inside you.

Practicing courage, the tough decisions turns automatic. If you mistake up, you confess it, you tell the fact. Not because you don’t dread the concerns, but that you have the courage to face them, centred on what you did (or failed to do). You will finally tell the truth as you are reliably virtuous.

Courage is the tree all the other virtues need with purpose to ascend. Essentially, courage is a foundational quality, one without which the others are much incomplete.

It is impossible to live a quality life without courage. Courage is not obtained from a single action but nurtured through a habit of courageous decisions over a lifetime.

Practicing courage is a worthy pursuit and necessary to living a meaningful and fulfilling life and contributing to your community.


Written By: Tejas Adesara



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