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12 Amazing Ways To Know How Your Actions Describe Who You Are

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”


12 Amazing Ways To Know How Your Actions Describe Who You Are
“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.” ― Thomas Jefferson


Have you ever wondered about who you are and who you wish to be? Do you ever think of how your actions describe you?

Have you pondered upon your career, life goals, and personal growth?

If the answer to these questions is Yes or even No, then you are at the right place to delve within.

While growing up, you are what you did and what you ought to do for the rest of your life. Certain decisions make or break you.

“Your actions define your character, your words define your wisdom, but your treatment of others defines REAL you.”
― Mayur Ramgir

Why is Action Important?

We are known by the things we do. Imagine we are doing nothing, sitting and just thinking.

Similarly, if Alexander, the Great, would have only sat and not led his troop, would he be able to defeat enemy after enemy? No right.

So be cautious of your actions, but definitely act upon your goals. By action only you would be known for who you are.

Understand Your Current Actions

“Action not words” is the problem of many. How many of you wanted to learn something in your life but gave up? How many have talked about losing weight?

Have you ever wondered about seeking a lucrative job opportunity, learning a new language, or a musical instrument?

Well, take a moment and write down all those life objectives you wanted and couldn’t. Then briefly note down which one you can start from.

Start taking action, or else it would become a part of your daydreaming process.

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Who You Are is always Defined by Your Actions

On day-to-day basis, whatever you do defines your character. People tend to judge by your actions more.

Imagine you always sitting on the last bench of your class, and suddenly one day, you sit in the front row.

What will happen? This action of yours will highly be judged.

The reason is that your character reflected that of a last bencher, and if your action changes, they’re bound to have a change of thought.

So before you take any action, think, “Will this action positively help my character growth?

No One Can Define You Except Your Actions

As rightly said, “Never allow yourself to be defined by someone else’s s opinion of you”.

You need to be the painter of your own masterpiece. Everybody must have an impression of you but is that what makes you who you are?

If Mahatma Gandhi had listened to his thought by Nathuram Godse (anti-Gandhian thoughts), would Gandhi have helped India get independence?

“Understand the intentions but never be influenced by what others assume of you.”

How Do Your Actions Describe Who You Are?

Suppose you are a prominent entrepreneur and have to recruit a salesperson for your company. You have two candidates with similar academic backgrounds and skill sets.

But one of them has a clean character record, and the other one has some criminal record in the past.

However, he has come clean and is not involved in it. But who will you prefer?

The answer is the person with a clean background over the past convicted one. The reason is that his past action portrayed him in a not feasible light.

In the same way, whatever you do or act upon things does represent your character.

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12 Amazing Ways To Know Who You Are

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”
― Aristotle

1. Know Yourself First

You must know what it is about if you enter into one thing. The same goes for your personality and character.

Delve into yourself and analyze your traits, strengths, and weakness. It’s always better to accept your flaws and move forward to improve them.

2. Be Positive in Your Thoughts

Do not overthink how your actions will impact others. Have a positive outlook and be determined to even if life throws challenges; you are ready to face them.

Positivity boosts confidence and morale.

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3. Raise Your Voice and Be Opinionated

Keeping your thoughts in your mind won’t do any wonders. Whenever needed, raise your point even if it’s different from others.

This would showcase your more confident personality.

4. Explore and Expose Yourself More

If we do not tend to expose ourselves more to conditions and situations, we won’t be much updated in life.

Have the urge to explore more new people and places, which, in turn, would revert into actions.

5. Read and Divulge into Diverse Things

Developing new interests and gaining more knowledge is always helpful. This way, you can come up with interesting conversations and impart knowledge to others as well.

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6. Always Be A Good Listener

Only talking and not understanding what other’s perspective is again speaking of your actions.

Listen to what others say, understand, and then reply.

7. Be A Bit Quirky

Dull and monotonous people aren’t very much likable. In all situations, if you showcase your same character of being dull, that won’t help you.

Sometimes even when times are bad, do fun things or be quirky.

8. Humble and Bold

Always remain grounded and be warm to others. Random acts of mere kindness can show a fantastic side of your personality. This action of yours may describe who you are.

A smile or a grumpy face, what would you choose? Think about it.

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9. Appropriate Body Language

The way your body language is as about yourself. How you walk, talk, or sit makes an impression on others. Correct body language is essential.

10. Dressing Up in a Decent Manner

Suppose you are in an interview and come in inappropriate clothing. This definitely leaves a wrong impression among recruiters.

In the same way, in certain places, an exterior look is essential, and people need to keep that in mind.

11. Be Who You Are

Do not copy anybody, and always be yourself. Taking inspiration from others is okay, but trying to be somebody else is not what you are.

Always work on yourself to be the best version of yourself.

12. Confidence is the Key

Doubting your skills and capabilities will not lead to who you are. Confidence in your actions and what you are doing is of utmost necessity.

Having faith in yourself will always describe who you are and what you ought to achieve.


As Nike‘s slogan says, “Just Do it” – ask yourself, at times can I do it? If the answer from within is yes, then act upon it.

Do not wait or ask and waste time. How your actions will be, describe you as a personality and give more impactful insight about you.

“Your Everyday actions will define you and your virtue.”
― Debasish Mridha



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