Art of Appreciating Little Things – 4 Invariable Mark of Wisdom of Life

“The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.”


‘To enjoy the little things of life…’ – should not it be the easiest thing a human being can do? Even though it doesn’t cost anything extraordinary to enjoy the sweet little miracles of earth, human being often fails at discerning the essence of it.

This is an approach everyone loves to preach but hardly anyone can actually grab the gist of it.

What does it mean to be appreciating little things of life?

Art of Appreciating Little Things – 4 Invariable Mark of Wisdom of Life
“The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson


During the course of life, you’ll find all kinds of people – some are easily amused and some are easily frustrated. Some who take time to stop in their routine life and appreciate the tiniest of things going around in the universe.

The people who will appreciate your effort and have the patient to deal with you. And some who are easily frustrated and finds fault at everything.

Now, if you have to make a choice, with whom you would rather spend an evening?

The answer is pretty obvious here. Who doesn’t want a person who is more grateful and more generous towards the approach of life, isn’t it?

And if you want to be around a person who is more grateful towards his life, carrying an invariable mark of wisdom, what is stopping you from being that person?

The art of appreciating little things and being fascinated – you could benefit 100 times if you ever succeed in adopting so.

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The Fascination To Be Achieved Within Our Lives

We, as human being, lead pretty boring lives, filled with regular details that don’t excite us. That is how human beings are wired. Thus, even if it might seem quite easy, constantly being grateful for your existing life can be the hardest thing ever.

You can force the gratefulness once or twice but you cannot force it every day. The art of appreciating little things comes from the constant practice and conscious choices you make in your daily life.

How do you do it? Let us have a look.

4 Invariable Mark of Wisdom to Master the Art of Appreciating Little Things in Life

As Ralph Waldo Emerson has rightly pointed out the true meaning of wisdom, it can neither be achieved overnight nor you can be born with it.

Like meditation, this approach needs the conscious presence of your sense and self.

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1. Be Present In The ‘Present’ – Keep a Gratitude Journal Handy!

The first trick towards embracing the approach is to pay attention. The invariable mark of wisdom does not happen in one day.

Be fully present when you are conversing with someone or doing your daily chores. Even though it is the same conversation you have every morning or the same chore you have been doing since last 2 years, pay attention to the details and express your gratitude.

It is extremely helpful to keep a journal by your bedside and spend 10-15 minutes each day to write down things that made you feel grateful that day.

According to a 2003 research of University of California, voluntary expression of gratitude can keep up the subjective well-being of a person.

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2. Experience New Things – Try Out Gardening or Baking!

Do you remember how fascinated were you when you first touched the computer? Or mobile phones? Or the face of your loved one?

But with time, all these things lose their sense of charm and become a regular thing in your life. Hence, do not let the charm of a new experience pass away.

Appreciating little things of life greatly influence to enhance the invariable mark of wisdom in you. Try new things, new hobbies such as gardening or baking.

A 2020 research of USA shows that gardening nurtures the emotional well-being of a person and gardening is associated with greater happiness among urban people.

Also, cooking is an anxiety-reliever sport. A 2015 research shows adolescent with cooking skills experiences better mental well-being than others.

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3. Embrace Your Inner Self – Restart Your Old Habits!

Do not let the current image of yourself bore you. Explore within yourself, every day. Embrace and notice the changes in you, with you. Let it touch you, sweep you away. Let you marvel at your own potentials and talents.

The invariable mark of wisdom comes from keeping in touch with habits or hobbies that took a leave due to your busy work life. This is called appreciating little things.

Think hard what activities made you the happiest in your teenage and explore it once again.

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4. Practice Questioning – Try Books!

In school, we were taught that questioning the teacher was a good thing. Yes, it definitely is! Keep your thirst for knowledge wider and the invariable mark of wisdom in your alive.

Ask questions, be appreciative of the little things, little efforts and ask people to explain how do things work. Your job is to grab onto something while your questioning leads you to something very fascinating.

Or you can practice having a book around. A 2013 survey of UK shows that readers tend to have greater life satisfaction with greater thirst for knowledge.


Good things take time! Being fascinated at little things might sound quite easy but it is easier to preach than practice. It costs nothing for you appreciating little things in life and become a little more bearable human being to others, does it?



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