Attaining Eternity with the Best Moment is Priceless


Attaining Eternity with the Best Moment is Priceless
“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” ― Omar Khayyam


Life just happens for once to everyone. Making the best out of every moment is what all of us should think of.

Our lives are fully immersed in the happenings of past and dreams of future in recent years.

As we moved to become modern, we complicated our lives. Days and nights are running with stress and challenges.

We are failing to recognize even a touch of love from our beloved ones when we are in need. Life has become so artificial. We have totally forgotten what a life is.

We are born on this earth and going to live for sixty to eighty years. However, for the most of these years, often we will be running on our toes to gather many temporary pleasures.

Moments gone can never be recreated or made. Live each moment as if you are going to die next second!

We pass more than thirty-five years just by working from nine to five. At the end of our lives when there will be time to cherish every beautiful moment of our lives, we will be left empty.

We can never get back to yesterday and not sure about the arrival of tomorrow. Hence, we should enjoy every moment of our lives, whether it is small or big.

The following statements will surely boost up your mood and energy level to cherish every single moment of your life:

1. Accept the Past

What happened is happened. We all use this phrase but fail to adapt to ourselves when needed. Our minds are completely filled up with the things happened in past.

We regret for what happened yesterday without thinking how that can be avoided today.

These thoughts fill up most of our days and we totally forget about the present. Avoid thinking about past, try not to create another bad past experience for tomorrow.

Yesterday is over. But today is in our hands to acquire what all we missed earlier. Make use of it.

2. Live in the Moment

Though we listen or say it to ourselves every day, we often forget about creating a beautiful moment for ourselves. Listen to your heart when you get stuck with the situation.

Be calm and take decisions. Experience every moment of your life to transform it into a cherishable memory.

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3. Be Courageous to Welcome Future

Time is uncertain. We cannot expect what will happen for the next second. We must be strong enough to understand the situations and handle them with care.

Hoping for the best is a good habit to keep ourselves happy for this moment.

4. Fill Up Yourself

Be filled with the things you love. Spend your time in doing what you enjoy. Make time for your loved ones.

Feeling blessed to everything that is coming on our way is another route to live for the moment.

Don’t wish for bigger grants when they are hardly possible. Live satisfied for every second with whatever you got.

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5. Understanding the Truth about Life

Few things are meant to happen at the right time in everybody’s life. We are all puppets in the hands of time.

The truth about time is; it changes. The moment gone can never come back. You cannot be happy always, nor will you be sad.

Understanding the facts and moving with every experience is a must to live the life to its fullest.


When we can’t hold the time, being worried for what happened and what next is of no use at all. Live for this moment and your life will create many of them for you.

Instead of regretting on the past moments, try to create beautiful memories with each moments that you can cherish whole your life.

Live each moment to the fullest, who knows what may happen next!



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Hetal Kabra
Hetal Kabra
Staying positive is what makes you feel good. When such positiveness can be enthralled via Writings, you can inspire many people. I believe in spreading happiness and positivity and this is why through this platform I am able to share my thoughts and views to the readers.

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