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Be Appreciative and Earn Admiration


“Respect other people’s feelings. It might mean nothing to you, but it could mean everything to them.” ― Roy T. Bennett


Who doesn’t want to get admiration? There are many people who are like-minded but a mass of people also exist who have diverse thinking and thoughts.

The world is chaotic and people are dissimilar. It is hard to find two people who have exact thoughts and feelings on a particular aspect. This is when the clash of views arises.

While some people who love to solve math might not understand a bunch of people who hate it and vice versa. But to condemn them for having dissimilar thoughts may lead to worse scenarios and losing your own respect.

Admiration Helps Earning Respect

What you think is appalling, might be good and fruitful for someone else. Have you ever pondered upon the sea? The ocean is made of salty water which is of no use for human beings, thereby lack admiration from us. We can’t drink it or use it for any purpose but it is an adobe to millions of sea creatures. Isn’t it?

So before being judgmental one must try to step on others’ shoes and then conclude anything about it. Similar is the case with the feelings. The more you start considering from others’ point of view, the more you start giving admiration to others for having it. This way you also get respect in return. So always try to value what others feel, believe and think.

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Listen to Others and Earn Respect

One person can’t be always right. Listening to what others are saying and getting their standpoint equally matters and might be as useful as yours perspective. Ignoring others feelings and their outlook about a subject and forcing yours would only make you lose your respect.

Always remember, admiration bring the greatest joy of life. If you consider the saying ‘treat others how you want to be treated’, most of the problems get shut at the moment.


Written By: Mani Lohani



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