Be Fearless of Mistakes and Failures in Life


Be Fearless of Mistakes and Failures in Life
“Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.” ― Mary Tyler Moore


According to experts, we are right two-thirds of the time on an average. That means we are wrong one out of three times. Failure and being wrong can be a very bitter pill to swallow for many. We live in a culture which promotes narcissism and fears failure. They view failure as being a loser.

A narcissist hates nothing more than losing. But, failure is not such a bad thing. You learn from getting things wrong. If you always get things right, you will never challenge yourself. Failing is a crucial part of achieving success. It is not permanent, but a temporary situation.

Mary Tyler Moore explains the importance of failure in nourishing our experience and character in the quote:

“Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.”

Failure helps you find your inner strengths which make you brave.

Why is Failure Necessary?

Failure is necessary for you to take bold steps. Bravery is learned from failure and pain. A brave step is a step that can help you to keep ongoing in the hope of a better future regardless of failures.

Since our childhood, many of us are prevented and kept away from exploring and going on for adventures activities as it might incur mistakes and sometimes even create risk to our health. But remember without taking chance and risk of mistake, none can achieve better things in life. A life without mistakes and pain is a life without the scope of growth.

All mistakes are opportunities for growth, and sometimes it may give new experience and new invention to the whole world. So, stop viewing them in a negative way.

A courageous mistake is worth much more than a fearful compliance. Failing may be painful at first, but it has the potential to teach you more about yourself than any self-help guru.

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People who Accept Failures have Far Greater Chance of Self-Improvement than Others

If everyone were happy all the time, no one would value happiness. You would never be able to experience elation and excitement. Life would be stagnant without any motion. Making mistakes and feeling pain is necessary to feel alive.

People who make mistakes are courageous to express their honest opinions. They never run away from the facts and accept the truth honestly. The act of accepting your mistakes is the first step towards self-improvement.

A person who fails while moving forward contributes more rather than an individual who is content and would not contribute to anything. Achievement accompanies many failures before actually achieving it. A man who can look past the failures and be brave enough to try is the only one who will taste the sweet fruits of success.

A person who accepts failure and is not afraid of mistakes and challenges achieves higher growth and success. He would be the last man standing when everyone sinks from the fear of uncertainty.

Why Should You Take More Risks?

One of the biggest regrets people have at the end of their life is that they did not show courage to take any risks in time. They avoided situations and ignored chances which knocked their door as they weren’t brave enough to leave their comfort zones nor were confident enough to turn the consequence of the action into their favour.

Worry and fear forces people to live in the past moment wasting the creative life at present. To have a satisfactory experience on earth, get out of your comfort zone and live fearless life.

We all are going to die eventually. Taking big risks that would help for greater change in your life is ultimately going to benefit you. Be brave enough to take up exciting adventures. Struggles would always be a part of any adventure but, do not fear them. They are your best teachers.


Do not fear failures and remain away from anything you desire. We all have our fair share of failures and mistakes. They define who we are and where we stand today. Be brave enough to embrace them with open arms.

An individual who has made no mistake has not lived his life. At the end of your days, you will not count your mistake but, the things you have learned and experienced through mistakes.


Written By: Sampurna Dutta



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