Be Kind and Gain Confidence


Be Kind and Gain Confidence
“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” ― Lao Tzu


Kind thoughts are a profound way to make sure you are in alignment with your soul. When we let our minds loiter around and create waste thoughts that are of no use in empowering us, we do a great disservice.

Through practices such as meditation and yoga, we can consciously clear our minds of the garbage that has been stored there. It brings clarity to our thoughts and makes us aware of how our mind works through the day.

Self-control leads to a kind heart which can understand people’s journeys and empathize while being detached from their situation. This is a super power which is not discussed or realized often.

Learn more about how being kind can be beneficial to you:

It Increases Your Tolerance

Kind thoughts for others makes you a more tolerant person. You tend to overlook the faults of the other person and concentrate on their positive aspects. You look at life through a clear lens which helps you in becoming non-judgmental, open to new experiences and calm through all situations.

It Enhances Your Self-Confidence

When you are able to give your best to someone in need, you shower yourself with confidence. It makes you believe you can make a difference in someone’s life. It is a great gift and unexplainable honor.

The fact that you can single-handedly make a man or woman happier is eye-opening. It makes you feel super powerful. Who says humans don’t have super powers?

Know that Everyone has a Story

If you meet someone eternally grumpy and start judging their negativity, remember that he or she has been through stuff that you have no idea about. Maybe if you went through the same, you would turn equally sour and react similarly.

So give up on judging and appreciate people’s journeys. It is okay for us all to be unique and different. It is the beauty of life. Imagine everyone being like you, how boring would the world get?

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Being Kind can make a Cynical Man Turn Around

It may sound like fantasy but the continuous niceness that you bestow upon an unkind person will ultimately transform him. Many of us give up on this process midway because we start feeling that our selflessness isn’t working in our favor.

It is easy to believe that a person won’t change but if you continuously love and care for someone they do change. It is a rule.

Being Kind Keeps You Happy

You are doing your best in life, you are showing people how being kind is possible even when the other person is being extremely difficult.

Be kind, give the world hope that it is possible and you are doing it like a boss. Set an example for non-believers to follow.

It Adds to Your Karmic Account

Life is a full circle, what goes around comes around. Being kind takes care of the fact that someone will return you the favor soon. It is all about faith and patience but this does hold true.

Though your eye shouldn’t be on the prize while running the race, but it sometimes makes the run a more fulfilling one.

Do your best at being a kind hearted fellow and see the universe working its way towards you. You will be surprised by small or huge acts of kindness from people you least expected.


Utter these two beautiful words every morning once you wake up- “Be kind”. You will face difficult people and difficult situations and choices, but choose what is kind over what is reasonable, always. It will not do you harm but make you a human being worth looking up to.

Imagine a mob following your ideals and being kind and doing good in this world? What a success for the right reasons you will!


Written By: Sampurna Sengupta



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