Be Kind By Being A Dispenser Of Kindness Because That Is What Will Motivate People To Be Kind Too

“Kindness can become its own motive. We are made kind by being kind.”


Be Kind By Being A Dispenser Of Kindness Because That Is What Will Motivate People To Be Kind Too
“Kindness can become its own motive. We are made kind by being kind.” ― Eric Hoffer


Kindness is a virtue that is slowly dying off because of the high number of self-absorbed individuals we have in the world.

Even so, for those who still highly look up to kindness, we are tasked with the obligation to remind the world how beautiful and beneficial kindness is to the society.

It is always a blessing to be moved by the need to show kindness because it shows our value for humanity.

There are very few people who are motivated to show kindness, but the few that are kind is all that the world needs to be awakened.

Your Actions Speak Louder

In as much as you may be motivated to show kindness, the actual act of kindness is what will set you apart. Many people want to show kindness, but they always end up choosing themselves over others at all times.

But those who, regardless of what they may miss out or feel, choose to show the act of kindness are the ones that are different. These are the ones that stand to make changes in the society.

Every time you show kindness and change a life, you create ripple effects. That person will also want to show kindness and change a life.

The process will keep going on and on until an impact is made in the society. Soon enough, everyone will be motivated to show kindness.

Eric Hoffer understood this very well, and we can see it in what he said.

“Kindness can be its own motive. We are made kind by being kind.”

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You have Nothing to Lose but Something to Gain

Kindness is a simple act yet very rewarding. At some point in my life, I spoke words of kindness to a girl who had been bullied for a long time by her peers because of where she comes from.

Because of these words, her self-confidence was restored, and she became the best among her peers at school. I witnessed the transformation in this girl, and I always feel extremely happy whenever I see her. I feel a sense of satisfaction.

This is what happens when you see what your acts of kindness do to the lives of other people. You will never lose when you are motivated to show kindness, but you will have a deep sense of fulfillment within you.


“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” 
― Aesop

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Practice Showing Kindness

Sometimes, showing kindness may not be easy, especially if it is at your expense. Even so, you can always make up your mind to show kindness everywhere you are and everywhere you go.

This is how you practice showing kindness, and in no time, your only motive will always be to show kindness. When you consciously do this, you will learn to be kind at all times.


Whenever you show kindness, you are made kind without a doubt. Every time you show kindness, you are driving this virtue deep inside you until it becomes a great part of you; it becomes your motive.

Practice showing kindness because the world will always need one kinder person for every evil one.



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