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Be Thankful For The Countless Blessing Given By The God Without Your Prayers


Be Thankful For The Countless Blessing Given By The God Without Your Prayers
“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough” ― Oprah Winfrey


How often have you wished that your life should be better than today? Or have ever thought to get a trouble free life? Almost each and everyone prays for this. But putting it reversely how many of you has been Thankful of what you have in life? Or have thought to lead a good life although with challenges? The answer would be not many, Right?

This is human Psychology that we always greed for more. If we achieved 2nd rank in a competition or exam, we are not Grateful but crib for not getting first.

“Life is not about how much you get but it is how you show Gratitude to what you get.”

Make a Conscious Effort

Yes, almost everybody faces difficulties, challenges and hard times at some point of time in life. But no matter, even if worse things happen, there must be something which you can sense to be grateful for. That may be buried in an avalanche of difficulties but it is always there. You have to make a little effort to recall all goodness what you have and what worse could have happen.

Be Thankful and Remain Positive

Problems are meant to be in everybody’s life. Even the blooming flower has to face harsh conditions, but eventually, it becomes a beautiful flower, which provides fragrance everywhere. Be the same as a flower. Fight with your obstacles, stay positive and feel gratitude for what you have because this will help you in not thinking about bad things in your life.

Blessed to be a Blessing

Imagine you find yourself stuck up somewhere or met with a life-endangering accident. You may feel depressed about your situation but would not feel thankful for still being alive to crib on such things. God has given us the life to enjoy and we should always feel blessed to have a good life. Ups and downs are part and parcel of our lives and it cannot be changed.

Have you ever seen a Handicapped person leading his/her life happily? With the disability if they can be happy and grateful, why cannot you be content with what God has given to you – a perfect body, family, and life? Overthinking is one of the root causes, which dampens the life’s joy.

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The Filled/Empty Glass instance

All of you have heard regarding the instance of whether the glass is half-full or is half-empty. All of you might have a different perspective as well. Some might say, it is half-full showing their positivity towards life while some say it’s half empty just like their lives. But the thing I see is that having a Glass with me is enough for me to be thankful of. If I would not have that glass, how would it be half-filled or half-empty? Think of it!

Be Grateful for Little Things

It does not take much to cherish and value good things in your life. Just look at your surroundings, your family, friends, life partner, eyesight to see, legs and hands to walk & write etc. Do not feel sorry for any of your bad situations. Do not ponder upon why it happens to me always? In fact, Thank God for not letting worse to happen. Take out time to be glad enough for your easy life.

A Gratitude Journal

Yes, it may sound weird or funny, but start keeping a Gratitude journal. Every time you feel you are grateful for something, note it down in your journal and try to read it every night before sleep. It would gradually imbibe Positivity within you and you would start seeing the world with a different perspective. You would be more content than before. Start with asking yourself as to “Why or what am I thankful for?”


Do not panic with sorrows of life. The sorrows would turn into joy if you do not take it for granted.  If we always think of Doom, phase negativity would never be out of our lives. Whether it’s bad health conditions, failing in examinations, fatal accident or for that matter any sickening situation, find gratitude in what you have. You could have died of ill health or accident but did not.

So, look at the brighter side of life and be thankful enough to what you have sustained in your life. God does not bless everyone.

“Boasting of the life problems have become our biggest addiction, break that norm and start talking about the happy times and joyous life!”



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