Be The Real Individual You Are, You Were Not Born To Be Perfectionist


“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” ― Marilyn Monroe


Every one of us desires to be unique from others. But we hardly achieve that at any time in our lives. Going along with the crowd is good, but carrying yourself as an individual takes a lot of courage and self-love.

When you see someone dancing crazily at the party, speaking something spontaneous, catching up the attention of everyone in an event, definitely you will go to an imaginative world where you behave crazy with all your heart.


Being Ridiculous is not wrong, stopping oneself from being real and pretending to be not what you are is wrong!

Life is not about taking every moment too seriously. It is about living for each second by doing what we love. Being ridiculous is proved to be good for individuals. All what you need is to be silly or ridiculous to stand out from the group.

Never think too much to do what comes into your mind. Let your body move according to your mind each minute. Try different things, be crazy, fail sometimes but never forget to enjoy every moment of your life.

Enjoin these things to your daily routine to pop out as yourself. Living for yourself gives lots of pleasure. Be an individual who cares not what others say but what she or he feels about herself or himself.

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1. Accept Your Own Fault

Thinking what others may feel about our acts is a biggest drawback in being happy. Every individual live for themselves, so as you. Live to fill your days with joy and enthusiasm.

No one is going to pay for your time. If we understand and accept our own mistakes, nobody would dare to point fingers on our imperfections.

2. Be Brave to Start

We all feel astonished when someone starts speaking louder to the big group of people at party or meeting. The more confidence they have, they get attracted more.

Whatever they may speak, people will surely get impressed for starting something special and unique. There you see your individuality as yourself.

3. Eraser (Imperfections) Comes Along with Pencils (Life)

Thinking about past happenings or future will surely ruin your present happiness. Forget the worries of yesterday and never keep looking for tomorrow. Mistakes done in the past can only be rectified and not be regretted upon.

If each and every individual understands this, they all will lead a blessed life. Life always comes up with opportunities to erase our imperfections.

4. Be Crazy Among Others

Every individual has their own identity. Even you may love to carry yourself so seriously when you are at a gathering. But what are you going to earn? No individual is responsible for your happy moments.

Don’t let yourself to be boring. You create the noise, make everything around you, dance and go crazy again.

5. Love the Individual You Are

To be an individual the foremost thing to practice is to love yourself. Never let yourself down in front of anybody and not even before you. You are special. You are living to enjoy every second of your life.

You have the power to create wonders. Be different and be special for yourself. Nobody is born perfect. Yes, there is always scope to cover up the imperfection but utmost perfection can never be obtained.

6. Look Beyond Imperfections

At last, going ridiculous must be your choice. Leave all the shyness in you and jump out from the crowd. Grab the attention of everybody.

Being mad is not at all unbearable and being bored will never fetch you anything. It is good for you and good for everyone around you.


Having imperfections in life sometimes gives you flexibility during your stress times. It lets you heal your own pains. You will need none for making yourself happy, but your own craziness.

Be willing to be silly and ridiculous and more than everything be willing to be an Individual.

Imperfection is the new beauty as they go hand in hand!


Written By: Hetal Kabra


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