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Be Useful To Humanity; Strive To Impact Humanity With Your Efforts & Goodwill And Be Counted Among The Greatest Humanitarians


Be Useful To Humanity; Strive To Impact Humanity With Your Efforts & Goodwill And Be Counted Among The Greatest Humanitarians
“The true happiness of a man is having clear conscience and being useful for humanity.” ― Leo Tolstoy


I always believe that everyone was placed on earth with a special mission. No one was birthed to come and live on earth and die without making any impact. Unfortunately, many people have lived and died without making any contributions to humanity.

Everyone is responsible for improving humanity. We are living in a world where humanity keeps deteriorating every single day because of the rise in human wickedness.

People have become extremely wicked because of which the world has become a pit-hole of wickedness. Even so, we all have a role to play in making everything better for we are responsible for improving humanity.

Every individual has to make up his/her mind that they will not sit back and complain but will rise and be counted among those who choose to be useful to humanity.

You will Only Be Happy when You Fulfil Your Purpose

It is everyone’s responsibility and purpose to leave the world a better place so that the next generations can have a better life. When you do your part, you will have a clear conscience, and you will find great joy and pleasure in your efforts.

Leo Tolstoy said,

“The true happiness of a man is having clear conscience and being useful for humanity.”

When your conscience is not clear, it will be difficult for you to find joy and peace. But when it is clear, you will always be a happy person.

When you make great contributions to humanity, your happiness will be even greater because you will be an icon of change. You will impact a lot of people and change more lives than you can imagine.

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Align Yourself with Your Purpose

There are so many ways in which you can make great contributions to humanity. There is always an avenue you can use to change the world and prove your usefulness to humanity.

Identify what your society needs and find avenues to meet these needs. Create groups for teaching people and instilling moral values in them.

If what they need is education, support the learning avenues present and if need be, create more avenues and opportunities. If it is in the health sector, find a way to champion healthy living and better healthcare systems.

There is always something you can do. Even if you cannot do it for everyone, you can do it for one person. As your abilities grow, you will be able to help more people.

There are no limitations to a person who has decided to do what it takes to have the desired outcome.

As long as you choose to be useful to humanity, you will do anything you wish to improve humanity.

I chose to be useful to humanity a long time ago. I made up my mind to always impact and change a life each day whether with my words or actions.

Over the years, I have made a tremendous impact in molding the characters of young people, and they grow to be assets to humanity.


To be useful to humanity is a choice that everyone needs to make. We live in an era where humanity is deteriorating every single day, and the world is in dire need of saviors.

Be the savior that the world needs, and you will discover the hidden joy in it.

You will have a clear conscience on the last day because you will know that your efforts counted because you made great contributions to humanity.



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