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Be Wealthier But Retain The Sincerity


Be Wealthier But Retain The Sincerity
“Honesty is incompatible with amassing a large fortune.” ― Mahatma Gandhi


Sincerity is escaping the world these days. People love to own big assets in life and there is nothing wrong in it. If you are hardworking and determined to conquer the world, no one can stop you in achieving your goals and amassing the worldly goods. But as they say, everything that shines is not gold so in the case of being fortunate and rich. It comes with certain flaws and drawbacks. It is a fact that the more wealth and fortune you have, the more you forget your sincerity and start becoming deceitful in life.

Why Sincerity and Fortune Do Not Go Hand in Hand

The feeling of being superior and dominant grasps a person when he reaches the heights. Whether it’s about being successful or getting fortunate enough to enjoy the worldly pleasures, feeling oneself above the others leads a person to become arrogant and egoistic. And history has shown that an egoist person always leads to the path of dishonesty and ultimately falls to the loophole of failures. When the pompous feeling surmounts a person, he starts losing all his sobriety and sincerity and start treating others as less.

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Maintaining Sincerity and Truthfulness is Never Hard

No matter how poor you are or how many possessions you own, the more you are compassionate towards others and didn’t overshadow your sincerity, the more you earn respect and admiration. One should not lose his worth and self-esteem if he had managed to amass the fortunate things in life.

The materialistic pleasures are not always what people crave for but the love and respect from others. And if a person really wants to be respected and reverenced by others, it becomes highly important for him to maintain the sobriety and sincerity even when he reaches the zenith of his life.


Written By: Mani Lohani


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