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Be Your Best by having Freedom at Work

“Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.”


Be Your Best by having Freedom at Work
“Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.” ― Albert Einstein


These words from Albert Einstein isn’t just a mere statement about freedom; these words encompass a larger meaning- a meaning which we fail to comprehend in this modern era, to have freedom at work.

We have become so much fixated on increasing human efficiencies at workplaces; we have greater efficiency at the cost of leaving human creativity and intuition behind.

From a man who had excellent foresight, those words can be taken as a warning of what humans might completely lose in the future – our creativity and ability to do great inspiring things, the quality that essentially makes us human.

Stress Inducing Workplace

Consistently losing sleep over work and getting all stressed up after a day of work, these are signs that you have a stressful work atmosphere. These are becoming increasingly common these days as employees are being made to work with increasing restriction on their freedom.

This has an adverse impact on their mental and physical health as there isn’t any room left in your head for your mind to wander off.

Are Modern Versions of Work Efficiency Human-Friendly?

Increasing work hours of employees will certainly enhance the profit of the company, almost everywhere the 8-hour work period is employed. But for humans to be productive, they must be proactive.

If you don’t have the time or health to enjoy life, then what’s the use of a hefty paycheck?

With reports being filed about companies making their employees work overtime, workers are losing their freedom to corporate gain.

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Why Freedom Matters

When you have a certain amount of freedom at work, this increases your productivity. The sense of liberty can impart confidence and good morale.

The freedom to think paves the way for the freedom to act freely, making you an asset to the company itself.

Beside this, a productive employee can do the same amount of work better and faster than a stressed-out employee.

Then why doesn’t anyone Chase this Freedom?

The main reason why people aren’t ready to change from conventional ways into creating their path is mainly that of the fear of failure.

Working and living in the same routine even if it’s a waste of your potential, we believe that it’s the safest bet. But as many have proven otherwise, breaking away from the inhibition can sometimes lead to creating their own freedom and future.

Why You should have Freedom at Work

As mentioned, the immense stress laid upon us can have adverse effects on our life. It’s our right to have freedom at work.

Complete freedom can only be obtained when you start something of your own. This will create a whole new perspective on your life. There is a comfortable sensation when you are at the helm of your own creation.

The life stories of entrepreneurs who quit their high-paying jobs to start their own venture are the perfect motivation you need to start a new chapter of your life.

Where to Start

If you feel you have less freedom at work, there is no trouble in asking your employer to grant you more liberty at work.

If you think that your current job does not have any room for growth or your potential is getting wasted, then it’s high time for a well-needed change.

Set your goals and unleash your creativity, use your new-found freedom to do something better and aim for greatness. It’s obvious that you will have to face many hurdles along the way, but the sheer joy you get when you overcome them is worth it.

Good at cooking but stuck at as software programmer? Start a food truck or set up a small joint.

When you do something of your own, the new-found freedom is overwhelming. Use it right, and you can witness what Einstein meant by something really great and inspiring.


Written By: Mathews Regi



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