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Bearing Defeats And Winning Over Them – The Greatest Test Of Courage


Bearing Defeats And Winning Over Them - The Greatest Test Of Courage
“The greatest test of courage on the earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.” ― Robert Green Ingersoll


Life is a journey of ups and downs with challenges on the way and conquering them, we carve out our path of success. Along with, giving you a handful of opportunities, life will put you in difficult times. You need to be courageous to face all the difficulties and act wisely to get your hand on the prize, you have been looking for.

The Greatest Test of Courage

Sometimes, we land at the verge of success but a sudden misfortune takes away all our happiness. That’s the moment when a feeling of despair and exhaustion creeps in. The struggle is real.

Repeated failures can create a sense of self doubt and make you fall back. Losing your heart and surrendering to the failures will make you settle for something small whereas you are destined for great things.

The ability to bear the repeated defeats and standing up to face the challenges again and again is what takes real courage. A courageous person will learn from his previous mistakes and improve himself to increase his chances of achieving the goal.

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Take Your Defeat as Your Critic!

A defeat doesn’t mean an end to your path of success; it just means that you need to grind yourself more in a smarter manner. Every defeat teaches you something valuable and widens your scope to improve yourself in a productive way.

The joy of success which you get after a lot of patience and hard work is worth taking the pain of repeated failures. It has been rightly said,

“Failures are the pillars of success.”

People who Got Rejected to Achieve Bigger Success!

There are people who have the courage to face rejections and still gather themselves up with greater strength to achieve success and others who gave up, landed into the world of despair and darkness spending their lives in regret of not giving it another try.

One among those courageous persons is Jack Ma, founder and present chairman of Alibaba, who once failed three times in middle school exams and was not able to land on a job even after applying for 30 times, is currently the richest person in China having a property worth $25 billion. He made it possible only because he didn’t lose his heart and kept on trying till he achieved it.

Others include Colonel Sanders, Founder of KFC, Walt Disney, the world famous cartoonist, JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter Series and the list never ends…

Yours Choice

So, either you can give up and live your life in hopelessness, else you can stand up bearing the defeats and working harder to taste the sweetness of success, the choice is yours!



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