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Abandon the Other Thought Process, Begin to Evaluate Self to Succeed


Abandon the Other Thought Process, Begin to Evaluate Self to Succeed
“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” ― Coco Chanel


Being thoughtful for one’s self is perhaps the best and ongoing sound work any individual can ever achieve. To achieve this work, you need to evaluate your thoughts and seek courage to convert it into action.

Overwhelming what is prevalent to trust is much easier than doing the spiritually and emotionally draining activity of reliable judgment. Additionally, having the courage to amenably state what you have determined which might not be so prevalent is not without consequences.

This kind of courage is often thankless and disheartening. However it is also an exemplary in a world where widespread opinion is often the decider for what is correct and wrong.

Don’t Try to be a Genius

Thinking for yourself doesn’t mean all your thoughts have to be innovative and different from everyone else’s. Neither it states you to be confrontational or deliberately contrarian.

You need not have to sound like Hillary Clinton or Coco Chanel all the time you open your mouth. It just requires that you deny accepting the prevalent consensus as a method of fitting in or creating your life a little bit simpler. Most of all, you need a calm-mind with careful thoughts and accomplish your activity based on the thoughts and plans.

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Evaluate and Challenge Your Biases

All are influenced by culture, family and society. Maybe the most problematic part of thinking for you is fixing the biases and prejudices aside. You need to force yourself to appraise and make judgments depending on what you have observed, learned first-hand and then apply courage to implement the thoughts into action.

A pronounced way to test you is to dispute both sides of an argument; try to do it with equivalent passion and pledge. Doing in this manner will help you to have better understanding of gaining courage.

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Bend but Don’t Break

Thinking for yourself implies pursuing answers in different viewpoints. Consider the pros and cons. Attend to others carefully — but develop the courage to stand up to those who try to influence you by force of character, a louder voice, or any inflexible point of view.

It is important that you bend completely in the process of thinking for yourself and also to consider other’s viewpoint at the same time. You can be flexible and bend as possible as you can, but never break down.

Learn to stand firm on your ideas with courage. Once you have learnt this point, it becomes quite easier to tackle things through the support of courage.

Accept Uncertainty

In life, there are certain things which are true to life but we can’t predict it exactly, sometimes being uncontrollable and when it happens, we have to accept of whatever the situation might be. It demands you to think for yourself and refusing to trust the decision of others carelessly.

This unlocks up a world of exhilarating possibilities and prospects for growth through the key of courage — but it also can be a slight scary, leading to disquiet and self-doubt.

Learn to listen to yourself and your inner voice. Search and discover yourself and have believe in yourself. You actually deserve it. Remember no one is a better reviewer of your life or the things appropriate to you other than yourself.

When you use your judgement, you feel delighted, courageous and unsure at the same time. Unsure because you cannot put into words what you are taking into account, and not sure that what you are doing will attain the anticipated result – only time will convey.

Through the power of courage accompanied along with, the feeling of unsure becomes negligible which was previously adversely affecting your thought process.

Achieving success in life requires self evaluation accompanied with planned thoughts and actions.

Rather than thinking and interfering in other’s matter or getting influenced unnecessarily, first evaluate yourself, recollect courage to think in a wiser way and execute your well planned actions.



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