Being Afraid Does Not Mean That There Is An Absence Of Courage

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.”


Being Afraid Does Not Mean That There Is An Absence Of Courage
“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.” ― Mark Twain


Courage and Fear Existing Together

Mark Twain, author of Adventures of Tom Sawyer, says, “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.” These are deep words if you think about it.

No matter how much we pretend to be fearless, we are not fearless at all. There is no absence of fear.

We are courageous. But, courage and fear are not the two sides of a coin. There would be something different from others.

Bravery and fear exist at the same time but most of the people hate to admit it. But the truth is what Mark Twain says about courage and fear.

When we have courage, we can have resistance against the fear. But this resistance does not stop all the fear we have in our mind. Even a brave person has something to fear about.

Understanding Courage

If you are brave enough to boast that fear does not exist in you, then you are damn wrong.

Everyone is fearful at some point of their life. Everyone is afraid of something. Even greatest people of the world were fearful of something.

Mahatma Gandhi, Indian freedom fighter who lead the movement of non-violence against British rule, were not afraid of his death but he was afraid of his father.

He wrote it in his autobiography My Experiments with Truth. Moreover, he was afraid that he might not see India free in his life.

Such personalities recognize the fear and they tackle fear with braveness.

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Here are some points through which you can understand what courage and fear are all about:

1. Coexistence of Bravery and Fear:

No matter how much you deny; you have to admit in the end. Bravery and fear are not the same sides of the coins. It is not like that when you are having tails, you cannot have heads.

Bravery and fear are like a wall clock: there would be hour hand and minute hand both.

2. Fear does not mean You are not Brave:

This rule can be applied vice versa as well. Brave people are afraid of something. It also implies that who are afraid of something can be brave as well.

So, this is how bravery and fear are understood under different circumstances.

How Not to Fear from the Fear

You must have heard the worst fear to fear about is the fear itself.

This is pretty much true and we should not fear from the fear itself. But, what can be done if you do not want to fear from the fear?

1. Mastery Over Fear:

You can gain mastery over fear by your bravery. If you show some nerves to face the things from which you fear, you can gain the mastery over your fear.

This will require bravery for this. But this does not mean you will be fully fearless. But, this is how you can master the fear.

2. Trust Yourself:

When you trust yourself, you do not get suspicious about your decisions.

So, trust yourself to reduce and resist the fear.

3. Have Faith in Your Decision:

Try to make the decision you take right. It does not matter whether you take the right decision or wrong decision.

What matters in the end whether you were able to make your decision right or wrong!

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Maintaining Resistance

Fear is not always good. It makes you confused. It forces you to make decisions in haste. Making decision in hurry is not a good sign to handle situations.

You will require to maintain the resistance from fear by having a constant approach of bravery in your thinking and actions.

You should not get demotivated if something did not go well. Demotivation brings fear. Keep negative feelings such as demotivation, pessimism etc. away from you.

You would be facing some more obstacles in your life today or tomorrow. Just smile but do not fear. One way or another you will overcome this.

Show some courage and face those difficulties right now. Do not try to run away from those problems as this will increase the fear more.

Now, all you have to do is to have guts to face your problem and take actions against it. You will be far away from fear in this way.


Written By: Krishna Kumar Singh



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