Being Kind Is Half The Battle Won


“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” ― Plato
“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” ― Plato


Kindness is a virtue which our world should embrace. If we all showed a little bit of kindness towards the person next to us, this planet would be the most beautiful place to live in. But with time and evolution, we have grown to become more and more selfish and unkind towards people. This has never led to anything productive or good. Our innate nature is positive and kind, it is time to unleash the beauty within and show some kindness to the people around.

See a Person as a Child

When you look at another person as a child, your anger immediately leaves the room. You see them as a soul who is lost and cannot understand what is going on around. Trying to help them makes you a better and bigger person as you are forgiving and understanding. These are huge qualities and makes you a kind-hearted human being.

Help Out a Person in Crisis

People going through depression or anxiety or even financial upheaval cannot open up easily to other people, be it a friend or family. But if you observe them in all honesty, it is easy to figure out what a person is going through. Once you are able to discover a person in such a tumultuous situation, volunteer to clean up the mess for him. Help him out through daily chores, listen to his rants and bring out some positive feedback from your love sack and get him back on his feet. They are literally dragging themselves to work and acting normal. Be their guardian angel.

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Free the sufferers by Showing Kindness

Wounds can be healed with love. So provide that love and in the act, see yourself grow like a giant kindness machine. Be loyal, generous and kind. These acts of kindness will free someone from their hurt. You can be their daily dose of medicine without being so emotionally attached that you end up becoming sad. Instead lift them up.

Recognize the Battle they are Fighting

Each of us is continuously fighting our demons. We are adults who have been programmed not to show our pain to the world. We do an amazing job at hiding our fears and worries, while losing ourselves in the process. Whenever you see someone snapping at you or acting unnecessarily rude, do not judge, instead know that they are fighting a battle inside. These people need band-aids and by shouting back at them, we are ripping off their bandages. It never helps, so you should rather acknowledge their hurt and work towards empowering them.

A Kind Man is Respected and Loved

Although you may feel that kindness goes unnoticed or unpaid, it is false. You may feel a kind man is unheard and disrespected as he cannot raise his voice or show a violent approach. All of these are wrong belief systems ingrained in us. They are highly respected for their positive approach, great sensibility and unconditional love. Not many of us are strong enough to provide so much for so little.

Imagine a World full of Kind People

A world full of kind people is a dream destination. Think of the positive impact we will have on each other when we respond with kindness, humility and love. The world will be a better place filled with humans ready to extend a helping hand.


It is crucial to see the unseen, the fact that we are all a little broken inside is not to be hidden. Be open about your wounds and be able to discuss your problems. We are all gathered to be of use to each other. Kindness is an ancient medicine which can instantly cure the heart and mind. Love as much as you want to be loved, do as much you would like in return and see the world turn into a wonderland!


Written By: Sampurna Sengupta


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