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Being Perfectionist Does Not Exist. Beauty Lies In What You Are


Being Perfectionist Does Not Exist. Beauty Lies In What You Are
“Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.” ― Jenn Proske


Loving Oneself is the Most Personified Beauty

People always believe in matching the industry and society set standards of beauty. But who has set the standards of beauty? Also to recognize your inner beauty, you must understand and have Self-Love.

Loving yourself is all you need to do to stay happy, healthy and content. It is very rightly said that in every point of time, we are in search of beauty but the person who finds it within has no more need to hunt/search for it. And he/she would be leading a beautiful and happy life journey.

You might have criticized yourself since so many years, so try accepting yourself and see the change!

Once in a lifetime, each one of you at any certain point of time have had felt bad about your body, weight, size or overall personality.

It happens because we always strive to compare ourselves with others. Each and every person is different, born with some or other special and unique talent or feature.

Outer beauty is what not matters, inner beauty is what one should strive for comparing two irrelevant things, makes no logic. The same way there is no sense in comparing two different individuals.

Staying positive about oneself, having self-confidence is most important because this will not let the outside world affect your morale.

There are certain strategies or can say certain tools which you can imply to negate yourselves as well as feel beautiful from within.

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1. Being Size Positive

Do not worry if you are thin or fat. Yes, the society may want certain fitness in your body but then again if you feel healthy and satisfied with what you are, then be happy and choose to be what you are.

It is very important to learn accepting yourself. If you will not accept the way you are, the world will not do so. If you start appreciating yourself, be positive of what you are, no one would dare to point fingers at you.

Self-esteem comes in all sizes and Real Beauty is when you know and fulfill the zest of life, be fun loving and content.

2. Dress To Be Happy and not Impress

It is very much important that you dress as per your comfort and what suits/fits you best. It is not the other way round. You must not wear what you think others considers as beauty.

If you live in bubble expecting too much gratitude from others, you are likely to get disheartened. Instead, dress what makes YOU happy and not others.

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3. Enhancing Beauty

Rather changing yourself to be more beautiful, try to enhance what you have got. Beauty always lies in within and if you feel beautiful from inside, it will glow from outside as well.

Real beauty encompasses of what you are from within. Outside beauty will fade away from time and as you grow, inside beauty is what it matters the most.

4. Empower Others

There are so many other people out there just like you who may be prey of low self-esteem and lack self-love. Believe it, empowering others is very contagious.

Throw some positive things towards them giving your example as to how beauty within and contentment is more important than anything else. It will surely help!

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5. Love the way You Are

Do not try to show off what you do not have. In fact show what you have got. This obviously comes with the positivity of mind and stability of inner beauty over outer appeal. Loving oneself is all is needed and it is not much difficult.


Until and unless you will not love yourself, you will not have that positivity within to understand how beautiful you already are.

Beauty is just what the set standards are and those standards do not make you pretty. Real beauty is what you hold inside yourselves and carry it of.

Set the priority of loving oneself and then automatically all will follow! Loving oneself can do wonders attaining everything you want!



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