Being Positive Endows Miracles In Life


Being Positive Endows Miracles In Life

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” ― Gautama Buddha


The power of positive mind and the thoughts surmounting it becomes the weapon of a person. Being sincere and honest won’t do any good unless your thinking is not positive and optimistic. The more you think positive, the more cheerful vibes envelop you. This is the reason why it’s said that we become what we think.

No matter how hard the situation is and how difficult is to deal with it, if you are full of hopes and optimism of it being accomplished; it will happen, no matter what.

The Power of Positive Vibes

Our mind is little apprehensive. When anything uncertain happens in life, it starts creating thoughts which bring more fear and panic. All this ends up in a person dwelling into more difficult situations and creating more haphazard situations. But if the mind is surmounted by positive vibes and affirmative thinking, no one can stop a person getting out from the hardest of hard circumstances in life. This is the power of mind and its positive thinking.

Creating Positive Thinking is a Matter of Choice

It is not something to be preached and it is not something to be practiced. Creating positivity and constructive thoughts in mind are all about a matter of choice. No one can enter your mind and imbibe positive thoughts. It all depends upon you as for how determined you are to remain positive even in the difficult situations. And once you inculcate the habit of being hopeful and cheerful at every moment of life, all the bullshit and twaddle will just fly away forever. You will feel as a pure soul with good vibes all around.


Written By: Mani Lohani


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