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Being Pretty Emphasis on Outer Beauty but Being Beautiful Depicts the Inner Beauty

“That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful.”


Being Pretty Emphasis on Outer Beauty but Being Beautiful Depicts the Inner Beauty
“That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful.” ― Ninon de L’Enclos


Can you find a difference in Looking Beautiful and Feeling Beautiful? What would you choose among the two? Let me tell you, instantly you would pick upon the one who looks Pretty.

Everyone in the world adores the beauty. In fact, meaning of beauty differs from individual to Individual.

Looking beautiful confides to physical attributes like skin colour, body measurements, hairs etc. while feeling beautiful comes from within, the inner beauty. There is much of a difference in both.

Remember, you can fake the outer (physical) beauty but what is within (inner beauty) can never be faked!

Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder

It is very famous saying but the actual meaning is never understood. As said, beauty differs from people to people but this difference relates to outer beauty only.

For some, tall and skinny girls would be more pretty whereas for some short and chubby. But aren’t those physical attributes to judge the beauty? Here lies the question, what the real beauty is?

True, there are millions of versions of beauty but beauty is what you actually believe. It is not necessary that beauty mean always pretty. Beauty can be in sadness, can be ugly too. It is visual in the mind’s eye.

The great scientist and our former President, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said, “I am not a handsome man but when needed, I can lend my hand to the needy ones and offer help”.

His words truly indicate that being pretty and beautiful cannot bring joy or happiness for long; in fact, it is the process of losing yourself.

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Genetics Do Contribute for You Being Pretty

The beauty from within is what makes an impact on the society you live. You will only be known by the good deeds you have done even after you die.

Also, the physical attributes, which are termed beauty, are usually transferred from parents genes to the children and a person has no hand in the society defined standards of beauty.

So, it is better you feel more beautiful from within and not worry about outer beauty.

If every individual wakes up thinking themselves to be beautiful and happy with own self, then there would no false mask in their life!

Look Beauty in Your Beautiful Surroundings

Quite often, we see people having beautiful males/females poster in their room, mobile phones and appreciate them. But the reality is far more different.

The individual would be more comfortable in real life with a person with whom they spend majority of the time irrespective of their beauty. It can be friends, life partner, siblings or even relatives.

You are the happiest with them and drop off all your guards in front of them. Have you ever questioned why it is so? It is because you have known that person from within. The inner beauty is open to you and that is why you do not worry about how pretty he/she is…

This is the real beauty, beauty which is freed from all sorts of judgments and opinions.

You are at Your Best when Real You

We are guarded with shields of self-image and beauty personified era where lots of makeup has become our savior for looking beautiful. Yes, makeup does enhance the beauty but it is one among those fake things you possess to outstand among others.

Why can’t you just let go off yourselves and for once be you? You wear best of your clothes and makeup and go out with a bloat in your stomach that hope people appreciate your efforts.

But as and when you return home, at first you wash it all, come in your tracks and feel more relaxed than ever. Why so? Ever imagined? It is because at that time you are real you, and have no impositions of appearance on yourself.

As per the study, only around 1% of females stay as they are. They do not care what people think of who they are or how pretty or ugly they look. They simply lead their lives without any fear of beauty standards.

Mother Teresa is not remembered for her beauty, it is her good deeds that we still recall her!

Your Mind Speaks the Language of Others

It is true that whatever our mind thinks is not of our own. It speaks the language of people and culture in our surroundings. If our minds seek to any imperfections, it channels it to us desiring for a perfect look.

The best example of it can be all beauty advertisements wherein beauty products make you beautiful and fairer and condition us to be the same.


As a beautiful flower is the perfect creature of nature, believe yourselves to be the perfect creation of God. Do not tweak yourselves to look pretty. In fact, do good things and this is what matters.

Avoid all the negative voices around you and express the beauty from within. The same flows for other individuals as well. Never judge a book by its cover.

Until and unless you do not know what they are from within, never opinionated yourself of him/her being beautiful or not. They might think for you the same as well!

It is the beauty of heart which Shines through and not that is striking by the cosmetic mask!



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Hetal Kabra
Hetal Kabra
Staying positive is what makes you feel good. When such positiveness can be enthralled via Writings, you can inspire many people. I believe in spreading happiness and positivity and this is why through this platform I am able to share my thoughts and views to the readers.

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