Being The Perfect Partner: The How’s And What’s

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.”


We all yearn for our perfect counterparts, don’t we? The one who knows each and every thing that is to know about us and takes care of our needs even before we can voice them.

A person who is constantly loving and supporting and never gets angry with you, cajoles you when you are in a bad mood, spoils you and treats you like royalty is every one’s dream. But doesn’t it sound too good to be true when you think it out loud?

It is absurd to think that a person will never lose his cool with you and love everything about you. You will have to program a robot for that.

Being The Perfect Partner: The How’s And What’s
“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” ― Sam Keen

Being human implies that we have in-built imperfections. Love, as much as it is about spontaneity and impulsiveness, is also about nurturing your relationship consciously.

You might fall in love without thinking about it but in order to continue with it, you will have to put in some effort, no matter how perfect you and your partner are for each other.

An Ideal Partner

1. The Perfect Partner is not Overprotective

They are confident about their place in their partner’s life and do not seek to validate their importance day in and day out.

2. Makes Compromises

Like everything else in life, a relationship requires compromises from both sides. Be it taking off time from work to spend time with them or something as mundane as going out somewhere you don’t want to with your partner when they force you to, ideal partners do things against their will to make things work out.

3. Most Importantly the Perfect Partner can empathise with their Counterpart

If you can put yourself in their shoes and experience what they are experiencing, you will know what they want and can hence act accordingly even without them having to ask you for it. Such resonance among partners is essential for a good relationship.

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How Do You Get There?

1. Do that Extra Something

Always. If you are planning a birthday party, have a surprise ready. Plan a trip or do something exciting on at least one weekend in a month other than what you routinely do. Pick your partner up from the office and take them to a romantic dinner. Be spontaneous and never let the spontaneity die down.

2. Never ever break their Trust

You should never have to lie to the person you love so much. They will understand. And if you are having to lie, then that means you are not true to your partner and both of you are better off without each other.

3. And all that being said, also Be Patient and Forgiving

A human is after all human and you might get angry with each other once in a while and have fights. But being patient and forgiving towards your love is a very natural thing to do. However, it should not be till such a point that your partner starts taking undue advantage of you because of your leniency.

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Nobody’s Flawless

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly” goes a quote by Sam Keen, an American author. He is not too far off the point here.

We fill in the imperfections of our partner and become complete as a whole unit. A single jigsaw piece does not represent anything on its own but when it meets the piece that fits its jagged areas, together they show a complete picture. So is the case with us.


Written By: Prasun Jha



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