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Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres in India for Curing Your Loved One

Best alcoholic treatment centers in India

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Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres in India for Curing Your Loved One

Suddenly you are devastated – you notice your dear one has one or more alcoholic symptoms. You find him/her craving for alcohol. You cannot control the quantity of his/her alcoholic drinks. Suddenly, he/she is drinking outrageous volumes. He/she is emptying the full 1-liter bottle of Vodka or Whiskey in one sitting… Well, he/she thinks of getting the kick but, in vain.

Worst is when his/her body physically becomes dependent on the intake of alcohol. You notice him/her having tremors (hands trembling), sweating on foreheads and hands, and nausea (feeling like vomiting). It is about time you seek help for them who is presently alcoholic. Never confront the individual for he/she would deny and continue drinking as if nothing has happened.

How to Seek Help?

You are wondering how to take care of your loved one who is continuously slipping away?

Read on… We have compiled how to tackle the situation honorably. On finding them abusing alcohol, dial any number of alcohol treatment centers.

There are toll-free 1800 numbers you can dial to seek help for free. The consultant would inform you how to approach your loved one. Some centers are hospitals offering ambulance services.

All reputable centers offer 24 hours service, and most of them provide in-house residential care. As often is the case, while you arrange for help, one might not completely co-operate.Alcoholics tend to be irritable causing friction in the family.

Out-Patient Treatment Vs. In-House Residential Care

Best alcoholic treatment centers in India offer both in-house residential treatment and outpatient treatment. Depending on what your consultant mentioned, you could opt for outpatient treatment or in-house resident care.

If your dear one is willing to go for treatment, then you can opt for outpatient treatment. Of course, that depends on the doctor who prefers treating the patient as an in-house resident. This is because as an out-door patient, he/she would still be facing the daily challenges. He/she would still be in direct contact with the person who made him/her alcoholic. As a result, out-door patient’s treatment takes a long time. Also, it has been observed that he/she tends to slide back to his alcohol drinking habit.

It is recommended that these stubborn people get treated as in-house patients. Some of the very best alcoholic treatment centers in India offer both standard and luxury residential facilities.

The success rate of cure of alcoholics as residential patients is high. People are encouraged to lead a healthy life focusing on their recovery. Alcoholics get no access to a glass of alcohol when they are dwelling as an in-house resident.

Their mind is positively diverted to enjoy the life that is comfortable and serene. They are encouraged to take walks in gardens full of blossoming trees and shrubs. They are introduced to the art of yoga and meditation.

This positive aid in controlling the mind and body. Hence, every resident of the best alcoholic treatment center in India gets a positive purpose of living.

Residential rehab centers have professional doctors who provide individuals with psychological counseling. These therapies help individuals to analyze and understand the root cause of taking alcohol. The therapies with professional counselors and doctor, one can understand oneself.

These help in understanding how to deal with daily challenges including those who intimidate others. In addition to individual counseling, there are group discussions. Every individual belongs to a family and should be understood and loved. Hence, the best alcoholic treatment centers in India emphasize on family programs too.

Bodies of severe alcoholics become dependent on alcohol. When these individuals are forced to abstain from alcohol totally, they show with-drawl symptoms. As a resident of the alcoholic treatment center, individuals can take advantage of physical therapies offered.

Most reputed alcoholic treatment centers in India offer massage and/or spa, fitness, gym, and others. Fitness therapy includes a series of exercises to prevent alcohol cravings. Thereby, the alcoholic individual can stay away from alcohol for longer terms.

Comparing Outpatient Care and In-Patient Residential Care

The latter is always more beneficial to your loved one. Every alcoholic treatment centers in India caters to the requirements of every individual. You do not have to judge what is best for them. All that is done by consultants you can seek help from.

As a rule of thumb, you want to select an alcoholic treatment center near your home. Thus, you would be able to visit them whenever you wish and need. You are a family member who cares for your loved one. Hence, all best alcoholic treatment centers having family programs would request you to visit the individual. This is because they should not feel you have abandoned him/her.

While selecting the most suitable de-addiction care center, ensure they are treated with dignity. The best alcoholic treatment center should provide private and confidential treatment.

Under no circumstances should the center ever reveal that your close one was an in-house resident or out-patient. You should ensure that the future of your love is not jeopardized in any way.

In fact, they should be well accepted in the society and workplace. This should be the case especially after he/she is “clean” otherwise there are chances of slipping back.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres in India

How to Select the Most Appropriate Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centre Near Home?

There are several reputable de-addiction rehabilitation centers all over India. For convenience, you might wish to select the center that is nearest to your resident. We have given names of some of the well-known alcohol treatment centers in India.

The list includes famous alcohol de-addiction rehab centers in major regions of modern India. The list is divided city-wise and consists of name, website and phone numbers of centers.

Bangalore –

1. Abhaya Addiction Recovery Center

Website: Abhaya-rehabilitation-center-bangalore.business.site

Phone: +91-9844735746

2. Art Of Living De-Addiction Centre

Website: Artoflivingdeaddictioncenter.com

Phone: +91-8904040477

3. CADABAM’S De-Addiction Centre for Alcohol & Substance Dependence

Website: Cadabams.org/anunitha/index.html

Phone: +91-9611194949

Considered one of the best alcoholic treatment centers in India.

4. Garuda Recovery & Rehabilitation Services

Website: Garudarehab.com

Phone: +91-9945176598

5. Kripa Revival Centre

Website: Kriparevivalcentre.org

Phone: +91-9845310070

6. The Mind Research Foundation

Website: Themindresearchfoundation.org

Phone: 180030009676

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Chennai –

1. Centre for De-Addiction – Corporation of Chennai

Website: Centrefordeaddiction.blogspot.com

Phone: +91-9952092212

2. Pioneer Rehabilitation Centre

Website: Pioneer-rehab.com

Phone: +91-9884424244

3. Revamp Hospital

Website: Revamphospital.com

Phone: +91-7299665556

4. Serene Life Hospital

Website: Serenelifehospital.org

Phone: +91-9940004145

5. Shadithya Hospital

Website: Shadithyahospital.com

Phone: 044-22640745

Delhi –

1. AFL Wellness

Website: Aflwellness.com

Phone: +91-8178153613

It has a reputation as India’s Best Treatment Centre.

2. Anatta

Website: Anatta.in/rehabilitation-centers-in-india

Phone: +91-9820264661

3. Freedom Foundation

Website: Thefreedomfoundation.org

Phone: +91-9845247616 / +91-9740553280

4. Safe House Wellness Retreat

Website: Safehouse.co.in

Phone: +91-9717886633

There are two types of retreats. The luxury retreat is at I.T. Farm, Dera Mandi, Chhattarpur, 110047. The standard retreat is at Bijonpur, Faridabad, Haryana, 121004.

5. Sama Wellness Clinic

Website: Samawellnessclinic.blogspot.com

Phone: +91-9731590590

6. Sampark Nasha Mukti Kendra

Website: Samparkrehab.com

Phone: +91-9911077977

7. Shafa Home

Website: Shafahome.org

Phone: +91-9810223987

8. Umeed Wellness Centre

Website: Umeedwellnesscentre.com

Phone: +91-8800727020

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Hyderabad –

1. Arel Hope Recovery Services Private Limited

Website: Hopetrustindia.com

Phone: Overseas Enquiries: +91-9849069609; Inpatient Enquiries: +91-7893003070; Outpatient Appointments: +91-9000850001, 040-23396339

2. Asha De-Addiction Centre

Website: Ashadeaddiction.com

Phone: +91-4023540126

3. Hope Trust

Website: Hopetrustindia.com

Phone: +91-7893003070, +91-9849069609

4. Living Sober Rehab

Website: Livingsoberrehab.com

Phone: +91-9959644207

5. Phoenix Rehab Services

Website: Phoenixrehabservices.com

Phone: +91-7799919293

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Kolkata –

1. Alyana Rehabilitation Center

Website: Alyana.org

Phone: +91-9874948997

2. Prapti Welfare Society

Website: Praptiwelfaresociety.com

Phone: 033-6555 0323

3. Spirit Foundation Centre

Website: Spiritfoundation.in

Phone: +91-9874405603

4. The Genesis Foundation

Website: Thegenesis.in

Phone: +91-9681767118

Mumbai –

1. Anatta Humanversity Pvt. Ltd.

Website: Anatta.in

Phone: +91-9967334000

2. Hands For You Trust

Website: Handsforyou.in

Phone: +91-9870270574

This is the best rehab center in Mumbai.

3. True Humaniversity Foundation

Website: Truehumaniversityfoundation.com

Phone: +91-8693092000, +91-9167943134

4. Wilson Smith Recovery Services

Website: Wilsonsmithrecovery.com

Phone: +91-9320911001

5. Zorbacare

Website: Zorbacare.com

Phone: +91-86695 67929

Pune –

1. True Humaniversity Foundation

Website: Truehumaniversityfoundation.com

Phone: +91-8693092000 / 91-9167943134

Uttar Pradesh –

1. Ghaziabad – Alternative De-addiction Centre

Website: Aacctrust.in

Phone: +91-9891115389 / +91-9891115929 / +91-9891115375

2. Lucknow – Emotions Care Hospital (Nirvan Hospital Pvt. Ltd.)

Website: Emotionshealthcare.com

Phone: +91-8960211222 / 0522-2702923, 2702924

Gujrat –

1. Surat – Turning Point Rehabilitation

Website: Turningpointbox.com

Phone: +91-7622929242

2. Vadodara – Alpha Healing Center

Website: Alphahealingcenter.in

Phone: +91-9408579809

Kerala –

1. Malappuram – Manassanthi Hospital

Website: Manassanthi.com

Phone: 0483-279 4451 / 326 5577 / 279 4452

2. Pathanamthitta – Navadarshan De-Addiction And Counselling Centre

Website: Navadarshandeaddictioncentre.in

Phone: +91-8281076048 / 0468-2286048

3. Pathanamthitta – Navajeeva Kendram

Website: Navajeevakendramdeaddiction

Phone: +91-8281735322 / 04682300222, 04682302333

4. Thiruvananthapuram – Dale View IRCA

Website: Daleviewirca.com

Phone: +91-9809907030

5. Wayanadu – Mukthi De-Addiction Centre

Website: Mukthicentre.blogspot.com

Phone: 04936 211242

As mentioned earlier, the above list is not the complete one. You should search for an alcoholic treatment center in India near your hometown. You should show that you are careful and you are a well-wisher of them. He/she must trust you in going with you to the de-addiction rehabilitation center. Half the battle is won when he/she is willing to co-operate.

Going through alcohol de-addiction treatment might turn out to be easy under proper care. However, the most challenging part is remaining “clean” – that is abstaining from drinking alcohol forever. You should be responsible for ensuring they turn into a teetotaller for good. Your loved one should attend all necessary follow-ups including family and group counseling.



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