The Best Thing In A Game For You Is That Opportunity To Play


The Best Thing In A Game For You Is That Opportunity To Play
“Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.” ― Mike Singletary


Golden Opportunity to Play

The game has always been great for the audience but has anyone ever thought about the players?

Many would say that their favorite moment in the game was this and that but does anyone ever wondered what was the favorite part of the game for an enthusiastic and determined player.

Mike Singletary says, “Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.”

Mike is a former professional football player. He is now working as a American football coach. What he says about the favorite part of the game is quite thought provoking.

For him, the best part of the game was the opportunity to play. He treats himself lucky when he gets a chance to play his game.

Opportunity to Play

There are many people in the world who are inspired to play sports but they are not getting adequate opportunities.

You are lucky even if you are not able to perform up to the mark. At least, you are improving.

That is what I want to say. Just never feel demotivated. Thanks to the Almighty that you are getting chances to show case your talent.

If you show more determination and strength, we are sure that you would be able to improve your game. Now, how can you get these opportunities?

  • If You are Trying Hard Every Time: Someone will spot you from the crowd that you are quite dedicated towards your game. If luck will be with you on that day, you would be able to play the game on a bigger platform.

  • Every Game Makes You a Better Player: With each game you successfully complete, you learn something out of it. Even if you have failed in the game, you have already learned a lot from the game you lost. As a whole, it was the opportunity that let you improve.

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The Advantage of Getting a Chance

Those are the fortunate ones who have the chance to play the game. It is their favorite part.

Ask those who did not get the chance to play ever before. They would tell about not getting enough opportunities. You have those chances.

Have you ever wondered what advantage you have when compared to others who did not get chances at all?

  • You can Learn, You can Improve

If you have a chance to play, do not fear and run away. It does not matter whether you lose the game or win the game, you are going to learn.

The phase of learning should be constantly flourishing. It can only be flourished by playing more and more games.

So, do not ever feel sad because you did not win. Your favorite part of the game should be the opportunity to play your game.

  • You will Win!

The more you play, the more you win. It is a universal fact. You are not going to lose every time. There comes a time when you will win.

After this win, you would be enthusiastic to play more and improve better in this game.

So, just a chance in the game can do miracles for you. Never regret getting an opportunity in the game.

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The Favorite Part

If a player is really interested in playing the game, he will never think of winning. He will never be depressed of even losing the game. He will feel ecstatic just to get an opportunity to play the game.

A player who wants to contribute towards the sports and health can contribute just by playing the game. So, it won’t matter whether you win or lose the game.

Your favorite part of participating in the game and contributing to your country or team would be the best possible contribution to the nation.

If you play the game for just playing but not winning, you would be able to enjoy and cherish little moments in the game more and more.

If you do not worry about winning, you would be able to give your best performance in the game.

A real player thinks about contributing towards the game in any way and if you are the same, your favorite part in the game should be getting a chance to contribute in the game.


Written By: Krishna Kumar Singh



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