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Bounded By Chains, The Freedom Lies Beneath


“The cause of freedom is not the cause of a race or a sect, a party or a class-it is the cause of human kind, the very birthright of humanity.” ― Anna Julia Cooper


Freedom is an instinctive right of humans. Everyone wants to be free since their birth. Growing in society and in family needs freedom. It is an imagination of being ourselves doing what we love, the way we wish. To be free in your lives, you never need to take anyone’s permission nor we can hold someone without letting them free. It never depends on how important the thing is for others. It is all about taking your own decisions to move towards your own progress.

Freedom cannot be standardised. It is completely your own choice to have your freedom and enjoy it!

There are different types of freedom. However, everything differs from one another. Political freedom is distinctive from an individual one. Freedom in life is different from that of at work. It may have different meaning for different people. But ultimately everyone needs to live free. Freedom cannot be seen or held. But wherever we live, however we lead life, we seek to be free from everything that holds us back from what we try to do.

Happiness is Being Free

The one who is happy will surely be free from all the bindings of life. Freedom is needed to make your life worth living. It is the basic or fundamental requirement of an individual to be flexible in choosing the things. Adopt the following things to enjoy the freedom to the core.

1. Choose to Be Free

The significant of freedom is great, however it remains as your choice always. You are the one who decides to be free or jailed. The freedom of choice may start from your early days of life. Being free in deciding what to wear, where and what to study etc. You may get or not get a chance to practice freedom from birth, but never hold back to reach it at least when you get aware of it.

2. Be Respectful

The way of perceiving freedom may differ among groups of people. Respect is something not just to be free but also considering everyone’s will and desire to live freely without any external interference and giving them proper concern at the same time. Everyone should be free to enjoy their culture, tradition, habits and practices in a respectful environment.

3. Express Yourself

You don’t have to stay quiet when you don’t feel good about something. Unless you express yourself, no one understands your needs. Whenever or wherever you feel your freedom is misused, open up and speak about that boldly. Or express in any other better way. Do not get used to any kind of alternative offers to freedom.

4. Independence is not Freedom

We all think, when we are independent we are free. But practically it is not true. Freedom is a state of mind while independence is not. Even if you are independent, but your mind is not free to enjoy the real happiness around you, both your independence and Freedom gets no meaning in life.

5. Consider Freedom of Others

When freedom is so much important to you, so it is to others. Your parents, siblings, children and everyone around you should also be free. Understand your fellow beings. Appreciate their decisions and support their actions. It is a way to spread freedom around the world.


Every human being, irrespective of caste, color or sex have the birth right to live free and enjoy freedom. Freedom is not given because we are from some X group of people. Think from others perspective as well. If you want to be free, so would they. The discrimination has to be completely eliminated. Then only every one can enjoy their own freedom!

Even a caged bird strives for freedom, then why not we Humans are granted it even though they are our rights!


Written By: Hetal Kabra


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