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Bravery is not the Lack of Fear, but the Ability of Taking the Risks and Tackling the Problems Fearlessly


Bravery is not the Lack of Fear, but the Ability of Taking the Risks and Tackling the Problems Fearlessly
“Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death.” ― Omar N. Bradley


Ever imagine how our soldiers fight at borders being away from their families? They are the ones who perform without thinking anything rather than Country on their mind which is what makes them fearless. If for a slight movement they get scared of death, they would not be able to perform.

Bravery is a state to show your strength to face danger with the use of mind and body. The state of being brave and tackle the difficulties and problems with core strength is bravery. Further to act courageously in an unusual situation and also to try something new and risky at the same time is bravery.

Being Brave does not mean you lack fear but it is having the ability to step forward despite all the fears.

Trust Your Guts

It’s a very challenging system to implement the statement, “Go with your guts. Trusting your guts trusts your collection of subconscious experiences.” ― Melody Wilding.

Whenever circumstances put you in miserable conditions, show your guts to face that problem with bravery. Bravery is the ornament that tends to shine the overall personality of a human being.

Take Risks

Bravery is about taking risks, those who take risks in their lives, those who want to overcome their fear; they have been more courageous in the risk they have taken. Achievement cannot be easily attained; success cannot be easily gained until and unless we don’t take risks.

Take risks in every step of life to shine like a diamond once and for all. Try a hand in risky tasks and let the success come under your feet. A life should be completely filled with risks and adventures. If there are no risks and adventures in one’s life, life becomes boring, and a feeling of fear remains forever.

What if a stockbroker or investor fears of losing money while investing? He would certainly not make wise decisions and lose out money. It is the one who fearlessly took risks got the boon.

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Estimate Your Abilities

Women are the biggest culprit when it comes to knowing your abilities. People often fail to recognize their inbuilt capabilities that strengthen them to fight every situation with bravery.

Keep faith in you, raise your self-confidence and estimate your abilities to conquer the world. Because if you wear the right shoes of your capabilities, you will definitely conquer the world with the talent residing within you. So never underestimate your capabilities to perform the biggest challenges of your life.

Tolerate Discomfort

No matter how charming and beautiful your life is, some stress and emotional pain is always there. Your values are the principles and standards that fill your life with meaning and worth. Keep an attitude of tolerating all these sorrows with a smile on the face. Tolerance power should be higher in a human being.

Tackling your discomforts with a smile and with a sound mind is an act of bravery in itself. Toleration involves having a strong foundation of you as a healthy capable person. You have to trust in yourself and your bravery.

Courage and Bravery are Interconnected

In difficult situations, when there is no way, the only thing which helps us is bravery and courage. Courage and bravery are linked with each other and goes hand in hand. Don’t get hyper in the situation of pressure, be courageous and say to yourself that you are brave, you can do anything. We just need courage and motivation to perform properly.

Be Yourself

Be yourself, accept yourself as you are, and don’t do anything which hides your identity. Just be yourself, perform all tasks or tackle the situation which you face in your own way.

When you feel that others are better than you, then you lose all your confidence or demoralize yourself. Nothing is impossible, God has given you all the powers. You have to feel that power in you and then you’ll be able to face any hard situation.

Choose to be a sheep all your life or be like a Lion at least for a day.


Make yourself as a diamond that goes through rough situations but finally shines in the end, make your personality the same. Fight back all the tough situations with bravery and you will come out shining.

Don’t feel conscious of doing anything. Give time to yourself at least 5 minutes in a day, and think about the negativity inside you and just remove all of them, which take you to the failure.

Recognition of your negative thoughts let you overcome them and start adopting the virtues on each new day to shine like a star.

Always Remember,

“If you are not scared and Brave enough to accept the goodbyes, life will turn up the magic wind and reward you with a new beginning certainly.”



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