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How Can Courage Conquer Your Fears?


How Can Courage Conquer Your Fears?
“Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others.” ― Robert Louis Stevenson


Every individual possesses two qualities- positive and negative. These qualities define our status in the society. Although, I’m not concerned about society’s approach but still it matters up to an extent.

So, how do you define yourself? You are defined by your weakness or by strengths. It’s up to you how do you want to portray yourself. You can show the world that you have the courage to make a difference or you can show that your presence doesn’t make a difference. The choice is always yours.

This is something unique in the society. They will relate to you better with your weakness rather than your strength. You must have experienced it yourself.

If you were a disaster in the presentation, you will be remembered for it. But, if you delivered an excellent presentation, may be your colleagues does not appreciate it much.

Moreover, I have seen people pondering over their weakness or fear. They want to get rid of their fears but they don’t wish to face them.

Pioneer of Change

You must understand that change begins with you. You have to take the responsibility of altering your personality. The foremost step towards improvisation is to face your fears, this is one aspect.

Secondly, you don’t have to reveal your fears to the society. The society will start judging you on your weakness. So, it’s better to keep it to yourself. But, it is important to identify your fears.

You cannot assume that you are perfect because being perfect is an illusion. Therefore, identify your weakness and fears. Once you identify them, it’s time to change.

In my own experience, I have seen that as soon as you embrace your fears, your transformation will begin.

Being a person who stammers, I always had a fear of public speaking. I always avoided meeting friends and relatives. I was labeled as an unsocial person, not by choice but by helplessness. The condition became worse when I started avoiding my own parents! That time, I realized that I cannot keep running away. At the same time, I met my guru who asked me to look straight into the eyes of fear and take a vow to destroy it completely.

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Courage to Accept Everything

The most courageous act for a person is to accept his/her weakness. It requires tremendous courage to accept the fact that you are not capable.

If you admit in front of a person that you stammer when you speak, you are displaying your courage. And personally, I have experienced that you emerge as a confident personality in the society. I remember the day when I proposed to a girl and she accepted my proposal.

When I asked about a fascinating quality of mine, she said that she liked my confidence. Therefore, accept your fears and work upon them. Gradually, it will become your greatest strength.

A leader is the one who shows the way. The leader should have the courage of taking decisions and handle his followers. If the leader becomes weak, his followers will dwindle.

When you are strong and courageous, others will get inspire by you. Therefore, Be An Inspirer and Spread the Inspiration! Battles are won in the mind. It’s up to you on how you showcase your talents.

Courage is resistance to fear; mastery of fear, not the absence of fear. It requires utilizing both your strengths and weakness.

Don’t be afraid to make a decision. If you succeed, you win and if you fail, you’ll learn. The change begins when you take a decision. All it requires is courage to raise your voice against the wrong and give a tough fight.


Written By: Mohit Dwivedi



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