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Captain Bana Singh – The Inspirational Story of the one who Embodied Bravery, fighting against Pakistani Forces and Winner of Param Vir Chakra


Captain Bana Singh

Quick Facts

  • Name: Bana Singh
  • Famous as: Indian Soldier
  • Also Known As: Captain Bana Singh
  • Nationality: Indian
  • Birth Date: 6 January 1949
  • Birth Place: Kadyal, Jammu & Kashmir
  • Award: Param Vir Chakra (1988)


The name of Captain Bana Singh and bravery go hand in hand. He is the recipient of the most prestigious military award, the Param Vir Chakra which testifies his acts and deeds for the cause of our country. He serves as a role model to every single citizen of the country and inspires them to do their best for the country. He had held a number of ranks in the Indian Army and served for his country with full dedication. His name was most highlighted in the Operation Rajiv undertaken by the Indian Armed Forces and he was the one who led his battalion to conquer the highest peak in Siachen even in the most adverse conditions. He cared the least for his life and marched ahead without any fear of the enemies. The peak that he conquered was named as the Bana Post in his honour.

Early Life of Param Vir Chakra Winner Captain Bana Singh

Bana Singh with the then president of India K. R. Narayanan (Image Source)

Captain Bana Singh was born on 6th day of January in 1949 to a Sikh family in Jammu and Kashmir. It seems that the love for nation and bravery runs in the blood of his family which is evident from the association of a number of his family members with the military services. He joined the 8th battalion of Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry and received intensive training to fight for his country. These training indeed bore fruits which was evident from his acts in the missions that his battalion undertook. Captain Bana Singh fought courageously for the country and was one of the most pronounced figures in the fight against Pakistani forces which was called Operation Rajiv.

Role of Captain Bana Singh in Operation Rajiv

Honorary Bana Singh

Operation Rajiv was one of the most critical missions to have been ever undertaken by the Indian Army since the soldiers had to deal with very stringent conditions. The mission involved fighting out the Pakistani forces who had occupied a post on Siachen which was strategic and exposed the Indian Army even from miles away. The post was 6500 metres high and the Operation had the aim to gain back the post from the hands of the Pakistanis. It was indeed a tough challenge for the Indian soldiers but Captain Bana Singh made it possible through his efforts and courage. He then held the post of Naib Subedar and marched ahead with his company to conquer a near impossible target.

He led a company of 5 to the post which was the final attempt by the Indian Army after a number of unsuccessful attempts. He showed enough bravery and climbed about 500 meter high ice walls to reach out to the Pakistani forces and attack them. Battling with all sorts of adverse conditions, the company led by Bana Singh reached the post and consolidated the Indian control over the post on 26 June, 1987 after fighting out the enemies. He used some effective strategies in eliminating the Pakistani forces which led to him being Param Vir Chakra winner in 1988. He also served for the Indian army in the Kargil war as well.

The Post Retirement Bravery phase of Bana Singh

Captain Bana Singh retired from service in 2000. He actively took part in the protests against the low pension amounts to the retired military personnel by the Kashmir Government. His son, Rajinder Singh maintained the legacy and joined the Indian Army in 2008. He has been serving as a major source of inspiration for all the Indian citizens due to his bravery and courage.

Vision of Indian Army Hero – Bana Singh

The way he battled with all the adverse conditions in the Siachen peak for maintaining the dignity of his country led him to be considered as one of the bravest soldiers to have served for the Indian Army till date. He was a complete package of courage, dedication, bravery and had the love for country flowing in his veins. He wants our nation to have more heroes and India to be a leading nation across the globe fighting against all odds.


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