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Care is the Silent Love


Care is the Silent Love
“Kindness is loving people more than they deserve.” ― Joseph Joubert


Love is the unique feeling that begins with care and kindness. It’s a basic instinct of human being to be kind and take care of everything, whether it’s living or non-living thing they love. In fact, kindness and care are the love in action.

We love to do everything for our loved ones as their wellness matters a lot to us. Love has the incredible power to change the devil into an angel.

If we show anyone our care more than they deserve, it will certainly bring some good effects in him/her.

Showing our hatred to anyone will only increase the bad traits in him/her, and certainly, we don’t desire that.

So to show our beloved ones that Yes! I care for you, is as much important as being kind to anyone.

Why Being Kind is Important?

We live in a world full of splendid things on one side, and on another side there is deep darkness. That darkness led some people to earn their livings in an unfair way.

Right now, there are millions of people living their lives on the footpath. We watch them from a distance while passing in a car and wonder in what condition they are going through.

But could you remember; have you ever taken any action to help them? Have we ever taken care of them? Have we ever tried to heal them with our kindness?

I know everyone will argue that this is not possible for anyone alone to solve the misery and poverty. Yes! I too agree. But if each of us extends our love and care to them at least to one of them, I think the situation would be better.

Kindness is the action to show them that you care and you want to love them more than they deserve.

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How Love and Care could Transform Any Person

To love anyone beyond any limitation can bring changes into his activities. As an example, I can state the situation faced by any drug addicted depressed child, who has no family and has lost his faith and good thing in life. How can we bring his confidence back in the society?

The situation gets worse day by day as the youth are submerged into deep darkness finding no option to come back to life. Love can show them the ray of hope, and that can bring them into the mainstream of life.

If you are a teacher, parents or a concerned neighbour, love them more than they deserve. You may not get an immediate satisfactory result, but there is no harm to let them know that you love them, their family need them, I am sure slowly he or she will stand on the backbone.

We can treat the mental patients in the same way. If their family members love them, treat them kindly and somehow bring their confidence in themselves, they can start their life as a normal human being.

Kindness is the Rarest Trait

Kindness is the most valuable traits that can be seen and felt by the blinds and heard by the deaf.

People would forget their pain with the flow of time but never forget the small kindness you shower upon them.

It’s easy and simple to understand the power of love by sharing such things like, a loving touch, a careful and protective hand, a compassionate mind, an honest compliment given from the core of our heart, a listening ear to hear about the pain anyone is suffering.

We should keep in mind that we are not going to be remembered by our wealth, we will live through our kind deeds as kind thoughts bring love and kind deeds create a heavenly feeling, which can even change a cruel person.

So my beloved friends, treat every single person with care and love, more than they deserve.


There is no exact time to begin a noble work. Do not wait for your turn; instead, take an opportunity to help people in their need.

You might start with a kind speech to everyone, may be with your house maid as kindness does not involve financial help all the time and it is not a luxury. It’s all about a passionate mind that cares our beloved ones.


Written By: Soma Bhattacharya



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