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Change The World With Kindness Because Kindness Is All The World Needs To Change


Change The World With Kindness Because Kindness Is All The World Needs To Change
“When you are kind to others, it not only changes you, it changes the world.” ― Harold S. Kushner


Over the years, I have seen lives being changed and transformed because of simple acts of kindness. I am one person who was changed by another person’s act of kindness. I was always the one who was wrong and blew things out of proportion because of low self-esteem but acts & words of kindness changed me.

That is when I realized that kindness is the only weapon you need to go into battle with to change the world. I decided to bring changes with kindness to the world and as I showed kindness, not only did I change myself but I also changed the people around me. Kindness is a virtue that is very rare and being able to show people kindness is a gift. It gives fulfillment and happiness that cannot be explained.

Why Complain about the World when You Can Change It?

Many people will spend a lot of time complaining how the world is and how people are always self-centered.

I always say,

“Never complain about a situation you have not tried to change.”

This has long directed me on what to do, and it has come in handy in my kindness activities. We can change the world and make it better. All we have to do is show more kindness.

“When you are kind to others, it not only changes you, it changes the world.”
― Harold S. Kushner

I could not have said it any better than Harold Kushner. We know what we are supposed to do to raise a nation that is eager to show kindness. We only have to lead as an example.

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Kindness will Always Win

You will always be able to bring changes with kindness. No one can resist acts of kindness or words of kindness. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will change lives with kindness. As you plant seeds of goodness in other people’s lives, they will also plant seeds of kindness in other people’s lives.

No good deed gets lost, but it always brings forth results. This is why you can make changes with kindness, and the effects can be felt in the entire world. As you plant seeds of kindness, you are also impacting yourself. You become a person with desirable characters and virtues. You become the best version of yourself. You will be able to rise within yourself, a person who values humanity and loves to see people happy.

Kindness Makes You a Force

As you make changes with kindness, you become a force that will cause a great impact on the society and people. Therefore, don’t faint at showing kindness. This is the only weapon you have to fight in this cruel world.

It is a great experience to be among those that change the world. Causing changes with kindness is important in raising a generation that is more focused on being kind and good.


Any chance that you get to touch a life with kindness, take it! By changing individuals, you are changing the world. You will never lose by sowing seeds of kindness in another person’s life.

There is great satisfaction in being an ‘angel’ in someone else’s life. Maybe a person only needs an act of kindness to have hope in humankind; you will be their source of hope. Make the world a better place by causing changes with kindness.



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